Smart Metering System for Temporary Electrics and Water

Environmental impact can never be effectively managed if consumption is not accurately monitored.

See the examples below for how one Ultra Site achieved this:

  • The site introduced a smart metering system to automatically read, record and send monthly energy and water consumption data to the sustainability team and project management team so they can monitor the cost and efficiency of running the site; it also allows easy recording for some BREEAM credits.
  • The Water Guard system constantly measures the flow rate with AI, measuring the water consumption and shutting down the system when it detects an increase to limit the potential of a leak and flooding; even when pipework flushing works are in operation. A leak detection system is often installed as part of the finished fit out, but very rarely if ever installed as part of the construction works.
  • The Smart Site module controls the entire site’s temporary electrics. The site temporaries contractor is notified upon detection of a significant drop in electricity usage through circuit monitoring, identifying where a cable may have been cut.
    – This system also allows for monitoring of the usage of the whole project, split by zones, allowing site to identify high usage areas and to manage and reduce consumption, identifying works that may be consuming high levels of electricity, and to see there are more efficient ways of working.
    – The system allows site complete control over lighting, meaning that if there are areas or floors not currently occupied and being worked on they can switch off power to the lighting in those areas to conserve energy until the lighting is again needed.

Footer Reference

Ultra Site Monitor report. Overbury plc. London. June 2018.

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