Supporting Operatives for Stop. Make a Change

Stop. Make a Change is a national event that first ran on 18 April 2017. It allows leading UK contractors, customers and suppliers the opportunity to speak directly to employees and suppliers about health, safety & wellbeing issues, and to make commitments to actions targeting improved performance in these areas.

We went to the next level by including:

  • Table Tennis with counsellors allowing men to talk about how they are feeling whilst playing Table Tennis
  • Mindfulness Drumming focused on a drum’s beat demonstrates how powerful this ancient meditation method can be in our stressful modern lives. The powerful and compelling rhythm of drums can still focus the mind — the quick path to mindfulness.
  • Massage and Meditation through the power of touch, massage has evolved into an additional treatment option for mental health conditions by reducing cortisol and adrenaline, as well as increasing serotonin and dopamine to reduce anxiety depression.

When the stress hormone cortisol was measured before and immediately after a massage, research has found that the therapy lowered levels by up to 53 per cent.

Industry research such as this continues to point toward massage therapy as an effective approach to positively affecting the body’s biochemistry in order to treat mental health ailments such as anxiety and depression

Mindfulness meditation exercises are ways of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation. Meditation training helps people to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and body sensations so instead of being overwhelmed by then they are able to manage them.

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