System for Separating Paint Solids from Water

The use of the Envirowash station stemmed out of a requirement on site to dispose of residual paints and washout of paint brushes in a responsible way.

The Envirowash System is efficient and fast – separating paint solids from 120 litres of water in only 1 hour. This system works in line with site operations; once the treatment unit is full and chemicals applied, water and paint arisings are separated in a maximum of 6 hours, allowing next day disposal of waste.

How the Dulux Envirowash System works:

  • The units are easy to use and come with an easy to follow instructional DVD.
  • The units are made up of two parts – the sink and a separate filtration tank. The units work by separating paint washings into clear water and solid paint.
  • The spray gun is used to wash rollers, brushes, paint trays, pots and anything else that has been used in the painting process.
  • Once the unit is full, treatment chemicals are used to separate the solid matter and water from the paint washings.
  • After 1-6 hours, clear water remains in the top of the tank and paint sludge is left at the bottom.
  • Clear water can be recycled into other trade related applications, or released onto flat grassy areas and gardens. Remaining paint sludge is filtered, ready for removal and drying.
  • Once residue is dry, it is ready to be disposed of as non-hazardous solid waste.
  • The product is readily used by the workforce on site.
  • Reviews of this system have come back with positive feedback – the product is held in high regard.
  • This system provides an environmentally responsible clean up processes for waste paints and paint brush cleaning.

Watch a video below demonstrating the system.

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