Tips for Using Social Media

Social media is important in establishing a means of communication for updates and a point of contact, as well as representing the industry’s image.

Social media is a great way to communicate important information to the local community as it can be both distributed and accessed easily.

It also provides an additional platform of contact where the site can respond and address queries from the public.

If you are looking for some tips on how to improve your social media skills, you can find a few below:

  1. Short and precise – Bare in mind most readers wont spend a lot of time on lengthy messages. Be sure to get the message you want out in the most simple and direct way possible, there is more chance people will acknowledge it;
  2. Provide options – Whilst you want your message to be direct, you always want to provide options for more information if the reader requires more. Inserting a website or resource link within your message allows the possibility of gaining more, it can also provide the benefit of directing your audience in a certain direction;
  3. Imagery – A visually attractive message draws the eye. Providing some imagery will generate more interest than just plain text. Also try to alternate your visuals and be creative;
  4. Response – Remember to give time to those who respond and interact with your content after it has been published. Those who chose to interact are likely to be most affected/relevant to your message. It also shows you are providing a service with a reactive impact rather than simply making a statement;
  5. Follow up – Returning to the topic of the message provides the opportunity to show your progress. Whether it be highlighting the progress made, changes to come or simply a recap, following up demonstrates the message is still an active priority for you.

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