Tree Planting to Offset Carbon Emissions

Any attempt to counteract carbon emissions through offsetting not only proves a corporate sustainable attitude but also contributes to supporting environmental awareness locally and globally.

Carbon offsetting is a sustainable strategy that focuses on voluntarily supporting the environment to compensate for the emissions that have been generated.

North American contractor Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc. (HMH) approached the non-profit organisation Sacramento Tree Foundation (STF), in order to establish a venture into increasing their carbon offsetting.

Below is an example of how this Sacramento, (CA) based contractor contributed to carbon offsetting:

  • In 2008 the company acquired an additional 66 vehicles to its fleet which would be used for the transportation of materials to its sites;
  • In order to neutralise the large amount of carbon emissions that this would produce, a non-profit organisation (STF) was approached resulting in a 5 year voluntary contract;
  • By the end of 2012, the final year of the contract, a total of 850 trees were planted generating a total offset of 2,665 equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide on behalf of HMH;
  • The foundation allocated and organised the trees to be planted on private land where the residents agreed to care for them;
  • Benefits also included a contribution to local air pollution removal, storm water runoff mitigation, additional wildlife habitat, reduced home cooling costs through shading and private property value increase due to landscaping.

If you would like more information regarding this particular example, please use the resource below.


Carbon offsetting tree planting Click here to Download

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Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc. Sacramento Tree Foundation

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