Vertform Manhole Shutters

The Vertform manhole shuttering system is being successfully used on the North Bristol Relief Sewer Project in 2020. The Vertform system offers a big advantage over traditional methods in the construction of manhole chambers.

The system consist of a range of fibre glass panels which can be arranged to form a channel without the need to bench the manhole afterwards. The manhole base is constructed in one continuous concrete pour. The system caters for a range of pipe diameters from 300 mm up to 1800 mm. In addition various panels are provided which can accommodate a range of inlet and outlet pipe angles.

The benefits of this system are:

  • One single operation: The concrete manhole invert and base are created in one single operation, eliminating the need
    for granolithic benching and costly sealing materials.
  • No concrete remedial work required: Using the Vertform manhole invert shutter system allows manhole inverts to be
    created ‘right first time’ and saves on time wasting remedial work.
  • Easy to use: The simplicity of this manhole invert system means that no expensive skilled labour is required.
  • Money saving: The manhole invert shutter components are reused saving on expensive timber
  • Monolithic structure: Vertform allows the concrete manhole base and manhole invert to be created in a single
    operation using vibrated concrete. Resulting in a water tight, requiring no granolithic benching and a stable concrete
    base for the manhole structure.
  • Perfect profile: The use of the preformed manhole shutter components ensure that all concrete inverts have the
    correct profile.

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