Why Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome remains a hidden threat amongst UK workforce

A new industry report written by a leading journalist shines a light on the invisible threat of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), revealing the extent of the problem and the need for the construction industry to allow technology and the intelligence it delivers to reduce the risk for their employees. A number of industry stakeholders are interviewed, and latest facts and statistics on the impact of HAVS risk in industry are provided.

Traditional methods of regular assessment and generic control measures can help some workers, but inevitably not all, and can result in an underestimation of vibration exposure by up to 76%, putting people at serious risk. This is due to tool data, commonly used in risk assessments not being representative of the risk in the field due to individual differences from user competency and tool behaviour. Worryingly, 10% of workers exposed at what is termed the Exposure Action Value and which many might consider a safe level, will get Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome within 12 years.

Workers who suffer from HAVS are often forced to change jobs or quit work entirely. With a lack of skilled workers, this can cause real issues for businesses as well as people. The costs to employers go way beyond the costs that are insured. Every £1 recovered through insurance costs a company £10 in uninsured costs.

The Industry report includes examples of what wearable technology is doing for HAVS awareness by providing workers with real-time information on HAV exposure during tool use and with powerful analytics to ensure managers can act intelligently to manage future risk and to positively impact behaviour.

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Reactec: Hands up for Action report

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