Work Smart Employability Campaign

Heron Bros Ltd (HBL) pioneering Work Smart Employability Campaign is an innovative project specific employment plan that seeks to support those most removed from the labour market into training and or employment.

The programme involved implementing, monitoring and reviewing construction project specific Targeted Recruitment and Training (TRT) plan. Over the past 12 months HBL has engaged with 3,000 NEET’s, LTU’s, new entrants and employment professionals as part of our campaign investing 2,600 resource hours (£39,000 in wages) and £3,000 of direct/benefit in kind support to contribute to the employment of those furthest removed from the labour market.

HBL’s Work Smart employability campaign was developed to address a business need to create a new channel for skilled professional and trades within the company. It is focused on the economically inactive through a structured strategy which also engages and motivates company employees to become involved with issues affecting society as a whole.

The Work Smart Campaign is focused and effective, involving TRT plan for 4 pilot sites, Train the Trainer sessions for employment vehicles and sponsored site visits for professionals providing career guidance or education, training or counselling to those most removed from the labour market as well as encompassing standard approaches such as careers advice fairs, carousels and employability fairs.

The success of the Work Smart Campaign is evidenced in the results achieved in its delivery;

  • 100% of all new employment opportunities fulfilled by residents of the region;
  • 53% of new employment positions fulfilled by economical inactive or a trade or professional trainees.

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