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School Site Safety Team

Published 30 April 2018 | Written by Leonora Simons
CategoriesAttitudes Behaviour Schools

The School Site Safety Team involves children from the Project at Dunoon Primary School. This activity was decided in view of the fact that this is the children’s building and they will be its end users on completion. At the outset, the children were provided with an induction and PPE. Every week, they undertake escorted visits to the site with…

PHEV Car Charging Point Registered on Public Directory

Published 16 April 2018 | Written by Barney Sparrow
CategoriesFacilities for visitors Goodwill

On our Ramsgate fire station project we have introduced a free of use charging point for PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) users. This has been provided by simply allocating a designated car parking space and providing a 3 pin outlet connected to our site accommodation units, which can provide a 3KWp/h charging performance We have registered our charging point…