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NHS Track and Trace

Published 29 September 2020 | Written by Denise Southard
CategoriesMedical conditions Posters

Knowles House site has registered for an official ‘NHS QR code’ and have displayed the poster at all entrances and exits in and prominent positions on site Site staff and operatives will be asked to scan our specific QR code on their mobile or tablet, in order to ‘check in’ to us and share their information – instead of writing…

‘Think Like a Resident’ Signage

Published 29 September 2020 | Written by Audric Rivaud
CategoriesNoise Operative conduct and behaviour Sensitivity to neighbours

Following an increase in complaints due to residents spending more time at home during these difficult times, the EARPS site has made a few changes to the way they deal with residents. They have done this by sharing more frequent updates but also by creating a new sign. This is to remind personnel that although they are back to work…

Virtual Stakeholders Engagement Meetings

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by Luciana Campos
CategoriesBusinesses Community liaison Regular review Updates

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Stakeholders Engagement meeting was held on Teams. Keeping people engaged and in the loop about what is happening on site has always been a priority for the project. As part of the agenda, there was a project overview, the response to coronavirus explaining the measures taken to ensure government guidelines are upheld during the…

Virtual Open Doors Week

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by Luciana Campos
CategoriesCareers advice Community liaison Residents

Aiming to inspire young people and career changers to consider and explore a dynamic and exciting career in the construction industry, the project team based in Westminster were not discouraged by coronavirus and prepared an online site visit for its virtual attendees. This year’s Open Doors Week was disrupted by the pandemic however, the public was still able to see…

SitePodium Community App

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by Rochelle Perry
CategoriesCommunity liaison Community notice board Public Residents Updates

The project team has invested in SitePodium to keep the community informed about construction activity at Triptych Bankside and to ensure the best possible relationships with local stakeholders. Benefits include: A fast and easy way of staying in touch with people interested in the project Ability to notify the community about key construction milestones and issue alerts when disruption is…

Personal and Refillable Hand Sanitisers

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by Jon Ankiewicz
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Initiatives Medical conditions Occupational health risks

With Coronavirus infection numbers rising and wanting to ensure the safety of all those coming onto site, the Senior Office Manager at the Broadway came up with the idea of giving everyone a personal hand sanitiser that can be refilled at a station installed in canteens. This reduces the amount of smaller stations being put up around site but also…

Voluntary Coronavirus Assessments for the Project Team

Published 21 September 2020 | Written by Morane Senyarich
CategoriesHealth screening Medical conditions Occupational health risks

The project is introducing and offering voluntary coronavirus assessments to all operatives and staff, giving the workforce confidence in the knowledge they are working in an extended ‘bubble’. With over 900 people working on the project, the introduction of these assessments can lead to early detection and stop any spread on site, allowing individuals to self-isolate and minimise the risk…

Virtual Tours Bring Engineering into Public Homes

Published 15 September 2020 | Written by Kate Castle
CategoriesCommunity liaison Cooperation Public Toolbox Talk Updates

Community engagement is a major part of the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, as they plan do everything possible to alert the public about disruptions and to inform and enthuse them about the engineering being carried out. This was meant to be a year of face-to-face engagement activities, with a programme of lectures and hard-hat tours for adults, supported by education…

Project Quarterly ‘Innovation’ Competition

Published 15 September 2020 | Written by Morane Senyarich
CategoriesConsultation Management attitudes Recognition Reward

Good ideas and initiatives that support the restrictions introduced to help combat coronavirus are being shared across site through the project’s dedicated Knowledge Hub newsletter. The project leadership team is also keen to identify initiatives that could benefit any aspect of the project’s work by encouraging creative thinking across the entire team. The new ideas are to be submitted as…

Ensuring Compaction of Concrete While Maintaining Social Distance Guidelines

Published 15 September 2020 | Written by Ken Brown
CategoriesInitiatives Occupational health risks Working methods

Due to the restrictions with social distancing ensuring compaction of concrete was a problem as the concrete squad need to stay two metres apart, yet ensure the concrete was correctly distributed between the reinforcement and then compacted. The solution was to alter the mix design not only with a plasticiser, but with 10mm aggregate. After some trials to verify a…

Using Audible Signage to Share Site Safety Information

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by Bradley Lowes
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Daily briefing Initiatives Workforce information

Willmott Dixon have engaged with a local SME within 100m of the project to introduce static audible signage which, when activated by PIR sensor alert passers by of the site entrance, and the potential for moving vehicles within this zone. The alert is strategically placed before the entrance to ensure there is enough time for vulnerable road users and pedestrians…

Social Hub for Operatives

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesRecreation Rest Separate facilities

At this current time, the project management team felt that it was crucial for people to feel that a construction site is both a safe and welcoming space. To help achieve this the project erected a marquee. This structure, complete with artificial grass floor and chill out area, with comfortable furniture and plants, provides a social hub for the site….

QR Code Signing In System

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAccess/egress Protected and controlled access Visitor information

The site is trialling a new sign in system using a QR code linked to a website. This is a company developed system and as such enables the company to collect specific data. The message on the QR code poster can be customised and the system has scope to deliver key health and safety information when the user signs in….

Public Use Hand Sanitisers

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesGoodwill Residents

The site has installed a range of hand sanitisers outside the site that have been made available for public use. They have been well received by the public as there is a gym and a Tesco directly adjacent which whilst the public are queuing to access these areas, they have been making use of the hand sanitisers before they enter…

Project Coronavirus Committee

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by Jon Ankiewicz
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Health screening Healthy lifestyle advice Medical conditions Occupational health risks Workforce consultation Workforce information

At the Broadway project, we are committed to ensuring we are managing coronavirus on site to the absolute best of our abilities. With this in mind, we have set up a coronavirus committee consisting of the Project Director, Deputy Project Director, Construction Director, Senior Construction Manager, Logistics Manager, Perimeter and Security Manager, Senior Office Manager, Health and Safety Manager and…