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Two Minute Litter Pick

Published 4 March 2019 | Written by Sarah Chipperfield
CategoriesDebris Litter

Out of the material we have left on site, we have created four “Two Minute Litter Pick” stations for the public. They are placed at each elevation of the site perimeter. The idea is that the public are encouraged to recycle and dispose of general waste in the litter bins provided as they walk around the site to their daily…

Self-Climbing Facade

Published 25 February 2019 | Written by Eillish Kwai
CategoriesCarbon footprint reporting Falling debris Minimised fuel use Scaffold protection Sustainable solutions Working methods

Ardmore are working on site at Commercial Road, Aldgate East to erect a 21 storey apart-hotel to include a two floor basement in within close proximity of London’s vibrant Shoreditch. Ardmore have worked closely with ISHBECK TITAN to create a new self-climbing façade to protect their workforce, environment and the general public. It has taken the company 18 months alongside…