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23 Tonne Prefabricated Roof

Published 9 March 2020 | Written by Aimee Nicol
CategoriesBirds Offsite construction Plant and machinery Prefabrication Vehicle enhancements Working methods

Robertson Homes brought in a 100 tonne crane to lift the prefabricated top back onto one of the historic towers of Great Glen Hall. The tower was one of the features damaged by fire in 2007, but has recently been lovingly rebuilt to its 19th-century glory. One of two being restored, the Western tower was the first to receive its…

NRMM Information Leaflet

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by Ricardo Pinto
CategoriesAir quality Idling vehicles Plant and machinery

JRL Group are committed to helping London tackle one of the most significant environmental challenges currently facing the city – air pollution. One way we can contribute to resolving this issue is by ensuring all plant and machinery are compliant with the latest Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) requirements. JRL Group believe that taking a hands on approach to sharing information…

Time Clock Controlled Mains Water Supply

Published 3 February 2020 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesFlooding Reduce Sustainable solutions Water saving measures

The City Gate House project team installed a series of water efficiency measures (as part of the temporary services package) to reduce water consumption during construction. This included a time clock control on the mains site water meter, with a solenoid valve switching off the water supply to the entire site during non-working hours. This eliminates the risk of leaks…

Vertemax Compressed Post

Published 14 November 2019 | Written by Rachel Mills
CategoriesFalling debris Working methods

On The Broadway project, we have been working with Vertemax to install full height edge protection on our site by being the first Multiplex project to use The Vertemax Compression Post, which is a game changer in creating safer work zones. The Vertemax Compression Post are quick and easy to erect, weighing only 12.4 kg, making it easy for operatives…