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Social Value Portal

Published 29 May 2018 | Written by Miles Durrant
CategoriesCommunity engagement Documented activities and targets for community engagement Plan to positively promote construction Tracking and recording of local contribution achieved

Social Value refers to the wider financial and non-financial impacts of programmes, organisations and interventions, including the wellbeing of individuals and communities, social capital and the environment. As a result of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, the public sector must consider how the organisations that will potentially be commissioned to deliver required services will engage with the community…

Children’s Building Site Safety Book

Published 13 September 2017 | Written by Debbie Watson
CategoriesPromoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries

Caddick Construction worked with local grandmother, Chris Madeley, in her latest instalment of her Cones books which are based around a group of traffic cone characters who go on adventures in each book with a themed safety message. Chris has written 13 books in total in this series to date. We sponsored the costs for creating the new book, which addresses…

App for Visually Impaired People

Published 10 July 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAdvance notice of disruptive works Disability and special needs facilities Identify potential impacted communities Visitor access and facilities

Construction sites should respect every member of the community and ensure measures are in place for disabled members of the public. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: Supported the development of an app which provides community information on safety barriers for visually impaired people. The Sight Line app provides an audio and large print text description…

Common Tower Proprietary Escape Stairs and Stair Wrap

Published 26 June 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesFalling objects Toilets

Working on tall buildings can be a dangerous activity. Contractors must consider the safety of their workforce and adjust working methods accordingly. Many such sites use a Common Tower – a temporary structure that is tied to the main building and is used in conjunction with rack and pinion construction hoists to provide access into the building under construction. See the…

Railway Specific Ladder

Published 16 June 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesFalling objects

Rail projects can be particularly dangerous for construction workers, with a number of additional safety hazards to consider. One such risk is rolling stock access. See the examples below to see how one site addressed this: The site originally used standard ladders, which were unsecured and had no handrails thus posing a safety risk. If there were no ladders available…

Enhanced Head Protection for Workforce

Published 2 June 2017 | Written by Andrew Sharp
CategoriesFalling objects PPE

A-one+ keep the safety of our workers at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we took the opportunity to learn from some accidents to challenge the industry norm head protection. Within the highways community head protection is often worn as a mandatory part of PPE. Current helmets conform with BS EN397:2012 and offer protection from impacts and penetration…

Reusing Water for Road Sweepers

Published 30 May 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesRainwater harvesting Water saving measures

Construction companies should ensure they are doing all they can to protect the environment. This includes minimising water usage and dust pollution. See the examples below for how one company addressed this: The company undertakes road repairs and operatives road sweepers for damping down dust. The company collects rainwater from large roof areas at the depot. This water is used…

Concrete Pavement Breaking

Published 26 May 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator

Breaking concrete paving during construction work can be a disruptive process for the community and local environment. Heavy rock breakers can be time consuming and cause noise pollution and excessive vibration. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: The site procured an eight-foot wide American rubber-tyred, self-propelled ‘guillotine-style rubbilising’ MHB Badger Breaker. It has 550 kg to…

Grout Pump Truck

Published 12 May 2017 | Written by Emmett Frawley
CategoriesSpill prevention Water saving measures

JRL Group Ltd have devised a piece of equipment known as the Grout Pump Truck. The Grout Pump Truck is a self-contained system which replaces multiple site grouting activities. This mitigates environmental impacts, namely dust and waste pollution, while also having a positive influence on safety and quality. Environmental Benefits Reduction in dust generated as hand mixing does not take place…

Public Site Progress Fly Through

Published 19 April 2017 | Written by Christina Thorn
CategoriesRegular updates of progress

At Croydon University Hospital we have constructed a means for the public to easily view site progress photos, complete with the artist’s impressions, through a goggle type viewer in our hoarding linked to a tablet displaying a slideshow of images. This is a low budget, unique production with a professional output to involve the community and installed at a height…