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Use of Floating Pump for Site Dewatering Activities

Published 6 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesSecondary containment

Over the winter period the project has had to manage water on the site. Due to the nature of the existing ground conditions, predominantly a Mercia Mudstone clay material, the run-off from excavation areas carries a heavy silt load. To manage water on site, the project is utilising the permanent works drainage attenuation ponds, as well as temporary ponds, for…

Toolbox Talks and Plant Inspections delivered via QR codes

Published 6 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesToolbox talks and daily briefings

This project has QR code links to the construction companies toolbox talks which are displayed across the site. Operatives are asked to complete a toolbox talk by a certain date and the site manager is able to verify who has accessed the online toolbox talk and completed the associated questions which ensure engagement. QR codes also link to weekly plant…

Plant Based Cleaning Products

Published 6 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime Reduced use of single use plastics

The site is using plant based cleaning products in a form which eliminates the large quantity of waste plastic spray bottles that is usually generated by cleaning the site welfare and the finished building. Their spray bottles are re-used multiple times because refills of the active ingredients arrive in small capsules which simply dissolve in water. To find out more,…

Maximising Diversity and Inclusion Across the Project

Published 6 September 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator

This project were set the target of being a ‘Vehicle for Change’ by maximising diversity and inclusion across the project. One of the ways they were tasked to do this was by introducing the business and their supply chain to businesses owned by individuals with diverse characteristics. Categories of diverse businesses includes female owned, veteran owned, SME’s, disability owned, ethnic…

TEMPO System

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by Hakim Nazerali
CategoriesInspection and assurance

In order to ensure effective engagement with the workforce to improve their health, safety and wellbeing; care and protection to the environment; and exceed their stakeholders expectations, this contractor developed a TEMPO system and embedded the motto, ‘Keep to the TEMPO’, which is utilised in their Safe Systems of Work, Daily Activity Briefings, Temporary Works Management, HSEQ inspections, Environmental &…

Mush to Bloom

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by Sarah Fearon
CategoriesSchools and nurseries

The project team has developed a new environmental initiative – ‘Mush to Bloom’ which is a much loved workshop by kids and encourages creativity and innovation whilst conserving the environment. This workshop makes use of post consumer paper which is broken down by placing it into a bowl of water and pulped into a ‘mush’ before being moulded into different…

Caisson Shaft Manhole Construction for Deep Sewers

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by David Skinner
CategoriesModern methods of construction

This contractor were appointed by their client to install a new deep sewer at their Build-to-Rent scheme in Wandsworth, London. The contractor has been carrying out the demolition, contamination remediation, earthworks and groundworks since 2019 and these civils works are the final elements of their commission. Due to the proximity of the proposed sewer access chamber to the site boundary…

Special Projects Team of Early Career Young Professionals

Published 16 June 2021 | Written by Meena Bhogal
CategoriesWorkforce development plans

On this site a special projects team was set up, ‘Vision 2021’ which includes apprentices, graduates and young professionals from a range of disciplines across the project, mentored by a senior health and safety manager. The team assists the senior leadership team (SLT) in addressing specific challenges across the project, with the benefit of fresh eyes and approaches. The Vision…

Fire Door Gap Measuring Tool

Published 8 March 2021 | Written by Steven Bromfield
CategoriesInspection and assurance

This project have identified the need to accurately measure the gap around fire doors. It is common practice to use a 3mm packer, however a packer is not calibrated and will not measure the door gap behind the front face of the door or frame. Often door frames are installed with packers to ‘twist’ the legs of the frame that…

Working Conditions Survey as Part of a Modern Slavery Strategy

Published 22 February 2021 | Written by Morane Senyarich
CategoriesConsultation Modern slavery training

As part of the contractors strategy to help eradicate modern slavery, one of the projects conducted a working conditions survey among the site operatives in partnership with a survey provider. Each worker was invited to participate in this anonymous survey, to answer comprehensive questions about their working conditions, safety, and wellbeing. The survey process measured working conditions and helped to…