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Carbon Reporting using 6D Carbon Loaded Material Take Offs

Published 27 February 2018 | Written by Jonathan Compton
CategoriesCarbon management Environment Monitoring and reporting

The River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement Project has implemented Building Information Modelling (BIM) up to 7D which we believe is the 1st time a Civil Engineering Project has ever done so and this has allowed us to utilise this information for the purpose of Carbon reporting and capture. This will ensure that we obtain the most accurate Carbon Data recorded…

Construction hard hat stress tag

Published 26 January 2018 | Written by john fryer
CategoriesFalling debris Initiatives PPE

I used to watch Ice hockey when living in Germany, and happened to notice a stress tag on the ice hockey helmets to record G-forces. When a player gets hit this tag determines if the helmet has been stressed beyond its point. I made contact with the suppliers of the sports helmets and discovered that no such system exists for…

Site Temporary Water Points

Published 16 January 2018 | Written by Nick Vukmirovic
CategoriesFlooding Reduce Water saving measures

Water points for wet trades’ use have been developed in order to minimise water wastage, prevent contamination of grey water systems, and consider client and building insurers requirements. The dedicated water points for wet trades provide a central point for operatives to obtain water and clean tools on site in a controlled, manageable manner. The benefits are as follows: Water…

Delivering Materials by Sea

Published 5 January 2018 | Written by Kurt Richards
CategoriesBusinesses Residents Routes Unloading

Our site ‘Morwenna’ is situated at the end of a very narrow road which is passable only by small vans and cars. It is also used heavily by pedestrians (usually dog walkers) and horses. It was our intention to shuttle bulky materials like the steel frame and blocks down this road in multiple loads onboard small tipper vans to allow…

Safety Commitment Hard Hat Stickers

Published 5 January 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAttitudes Behaviour Incentives

Safety is a key message on a construction site and it is important to make the topic resonate with the workforce. A personalised approach can help individuals step back and really consider their safety on a day to day basis. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: The site held a presentation on safety delivered by a…

Hard Hat Recycling Scheme

Published 29 November 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesPlastics and packaging PPE Recycle Sustainable solutions

Recycling is a key way construction sites should try to minimise their impact on the environment. Sites should try to recycle as much material as possible and work with external partners if necessary. See the examples below for how one site addressed this: Hard hats are mainly made of polypropene and should be replaced for health and safety reasons every…

Logistics Delivery Data Tablet

Published 7 November 2017 | Written by Darren Pope
CategoriesCLOCS Traffic management Traffic marshal Unloading

The site management team undertook a decision to implement the use of tablets to monitor and record deliveries. To do this we engaged with tablet provider Datascope to determine the best product for the LSE – CBR project. Well-being is improved through reduced stress levels as the use of tablets allow more time to complete CLOCS checks and the sign…

Living Wall on a Building Redevelopment

Published 7 November 2017 | Written by Darren Pope
CategoriesAir quality Building maintenance First Impressions standards Initial impressions Planting

To improve and enhance the standard and sustainability of our immediate environment on the LSE CBR project, a living wall was installed to the external face of the welfare cabins facing the LSE library and seating area of the John Watkins Plaza. This was installed by fixing timber battens into the cabins and then hanging the planter boxes with plants…

Comprehensive Safety Software for the Lifting Industry

Published 26 September 2017 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Controls Programming RAMS Safety plan updated Training

Safety is of utmost importance during construction work, particularly for specialist activities with complex regulations and training needs. Construction companies should be seeking new and engaging ways of ensuring safety standards are met. See the examples below for how one company addressed this: Developed a comprehensive interactive software package, within the specialised area of lifting, which is implemented across all sites….

Demolition Simulator

Published 14 July 2015 | Written by Trish Schroeder

LA Moore Ltd are currently working for Willmott Dixon in Fairwater School, Cwmbran. The school has a Language & Communication Base where there are children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and as part of Willmott Dixon’s ‘All Safe Week’, we decided to involve the school and the special needs section in their programme of activities. It was…