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Digital Health and Safety Solution

Published 5 May 2016 | Written by Rachel Peers
CategoriesCommunication First Impressions standards Initial impressions Pre-start information Risk information Site, company and out of hours contact information Updates Visitor information

Shrewsbury Street housing development, Trafford, is leading the technical revolution by using external digital pods to deliver up-to-the-minute Health and Safety information and improve on-site communication. Working with leading private TV network providers, Anomaly, they have become one of the first construction sites in the UK to install their latest Hi-Vis system developed specifically for the construction industry. The site…

Showing Commitment to the Scheme Through the Site Hoarding

Published 24 March 2016 | Written by Catriona Watson
CategoriesEnclosures Entrance First Impressions standards Scheme posters/banners Scheme training and champion

Ensuring that the external appearance of our site enhances the image of the industry and working to create a positive and enduring impression through promoting the Code are CCS values that we have adhered to on our site. We created a company branded hoarding panel to display on our sites that showed our site goals as considerate constructors. This details…

Star Rated Posters

Published 3 March 2016 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCCS briefing and action plan Posters Scheme posters/banners Scheme training and champion Signage

Now available to all registered sites, the Scheme’s new A1 posters allow you to display your site’s considerate performance to the public. The posters have been developed by the Scheme following requests from contractors and clients to easily demonstrate their considerate credentials to the public following the latest visit from the Scheme Monitor. Using a star rating system ranging from…

Noise Reducing Hoarding

Published 3 March 2016 | Written by Daniel Sweeney
CategoriesEnclosures Newsletter Newsletter Noise Sensitivity to neighbours

Ensuring the safety of local residents, as well as visitors and the workforce, is of high importance during a project. Measures were taken to minimise disruption and noise pollution to the neighbouring residents on multiple projects across London. Soundex hoarding was carefully installed and other noise reduction techniques were utilised to minimise disturbance to local neighbours. This can help to establish a…

Portable Living Hoarding

Published 20 October 2015 | Written by Cariad Martin
CategoriesAir quality Biodiversity Enclosures First Impressions standards Noise Vandalism

‘Living hoarding’ has been installed at Pentland Homes’ Scholars Village development in Folkestone. 17 metres of ivy screens were installed at the front of the site by Dover-based company, New Build Landscapes, with branded signage including a QR code taking viewers to the Urban Greening website for more information on the benefits of the installation. ‘Living hoarding’ suppresses dust particles to…

Recyclable Plastic Hoarding

Published 6 May 2015 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCorporate badging Enclosures First Impressions standards Initial impressions Inspection Plastics and packaging Recycle

Sites should be conscious of the impact their project is having on the environment. In order to limit the negative impact, the waste produced on site should be reduced and recycled. Measures to reduce waste should be identified and implemented on site. Below is an example of how sites have achieved this, using recyclable hoardings: Hoarding was constructed using a recyclable…

Environmental Policy

Published 13 February 2015 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnvironmental policy promoted Management policy and planning

Throughout any project, it is essential that a considerate constructor takes a responsible attitude towards environmental issues. This will help to ensure that the project does not have a detrimental effect on the natural environment. All sites should be respectful and protecting of the environment, with the aim to enhance the natural environment for existing and future generations. The Considerate Constructors Scheme has developed an…

Recognising and Promoting Good Environmental Performance

Published 3 February 2015 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesActual vs target Certifications Environmental policy promoted Initial environmental assessment Notice board Policy Promoting achievements Site environmental plan Sustainability policy

It is important to identify and manage environmental issues and recognition of successful behaviour is vital.  Many larger companies set targets to measure their environmental performance and success. This is enhanced by the production of regular reports and communications and by ensuring that lessons are learned. A number of sites have promoted their environmental performance by doing the following: The…

Making Bikes More Accessible

Published 22 January 2015 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesBenefits Cycle safety Efficient fuel use Travel plans

Where possible, sites should be making efforts to reduce fuel usage by supporting and providing carbon reducing forms of transport. They can do this by encouraging the use of bicycles and making this type of transport more easily accessible to the workforce. Cycling has the additional benefit of improving operatives’ health and wellbeing. Examples of how site managers have encouraged cycling include:…

Green Alternatives Implemented to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Published 28 November 2014 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCarbon management Efficient energy use Reduce Reporting and offsetting Sustainable procurement

Contractors should be committed to measuring and minimising it’s site’s carbon footprint. Carbon emission reduction can be achieved through measures such as green travel planning. The importance of reducing your carbon footprint should be effectively communicated to your workforce, to ensure a clear understanding of why these concerns are significant. Nationally, some sites have taken effective measures to reduce their carbon emission…

Reducing Dust and Dirt

Published 23 October 2014 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesDebris Dust prevention Housekeeping Implementation Screening of facilities Supervision Tidiness

The circulation of dust and dirt from a construction site often causes frustration and upset amongst the local community. To help reduce this, some site managers have implemented the following: Designated operatives were given responsibility for keeping specific areas of the site clean, tidy and dust free; perimeter dust levels were checked using hand held meters; At the end of…