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Project Specific Road Safety Booklet

Published 26 October 2020 | Written by Lucy Shirley
CategoriesAccess/egress Campaigns CLOCS Driver information FORS Roads Traffic management Workforce information

As a Principal Contractor CLOCS Champion, Galliford Try is committed to managing work-related road risk and promoting a positive road safety culture. We align with the CLOCS mission: to ensure the safest construction vehicle journey. At our Ashley Road East project in Tottenham Hale, our Galliford Try Construction – London & South East Commercial team devised a 12-page A5 booklet…

Water Treatment – Pipe Reactor

Published 19 October 2020 | Written by Conan Quinn
CategoriesInvestigation Involvement Preventing silt pollution Programming Rivers/watercourses Specialist input Storage of hazardous materials Wildlife

The CAR licensing requirements issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) required effluent from the Haudagain site not to contain any instantaneous sample more than 100 mg/L of suspended solids. Given this and the space constraints noted on site for typical SuDS measures such as settlement ponds, the project team endeavoured to develop a sustainable solution. Through our supply…

Social Distancing Carpet Tiles

Published 19 October 2020 | Written by Jack Eustace
CategoriesHealthy lifestyle advice Occupational health risks

Over recent months, coronavirus has changed working and learning environments. As people return to their office, school, college or university, buildings will have to be transformed to ensure social distancing guidelines are met and maintained in order to protect health and wellbeing. One way in which companies can remodel spaces while maintaining an element of the design is through the…

Body Blast

Published 12 October 2020 | Written by James Roy
CategoriesHealth screening Healthy lifestyle advice Worker fatigue

The Body Blast promotion at the 55-93 Knightsbridge project is all about healthy living and how everyone can reduce their body fat by making the right choices. Run by the project Health and Wellbeing team, the programme has been operating since January 2020 and encourages all participants to think about what they eat and drink, as well as how they…

RealWear Live Stream Camera for Virtual Site Visits

Published 5 October 2020 | Written by Audric Rivaud
CategoriesInitiatives Inspections Working methods

We are now using the RealWear live stream camera system at EARPS. The camera is mounted on a hard hat and allows live streaming of video images being filmed. The interface through Teams or Vsight is working as a meeting room and comments, pictures and drawings can be shared with the operative wearing the hard hat, who can view this…

Contaminated Land Risks: Odour Management

Published 5 October 2020 | Written by Matthew Gardiner
CategoriesImprovement Investigation Landscaping Rivers/watercourses Specialist input Spill control Storage of hazardous materials

VOCs and hydrocarbon fumes arising from the handling of contaminated soils are easily detectable below hazardous thresholds as an odour and have potential to cause significant disturbance to nearby residents. A comprehensive odour management system has been agreed with the Local Authority and implemented to minimise this risk as far as practicable in a residential area where the local community…

Qualis Flow Automated Sustainability Data Monitoring Software

Published 7 September 2020 | Written by Patrick Smith
CategoriesCertifications Investigation Monitoring and reporting

On Mace’s Woolwich Creative District project the team have implemented ‘Qualis Flow’ software to monitor key project sustainability data. The automated software is operated via traffic marshals using a mobile app, who scan all delivery tickets and waste transfer notes as soon as they are delivered or removed to/from site. This monitors compliance with Mace, client and BREEAM sustainability targets…

Cased Secant Piling Safe Systems of Work

Published 24 August 2020 | Written by Joseph Forsyth
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

Cased Secant Piling (CSP) piles are constructed by drilling hollow stem augers encased within a string of casing to the required depth. A twin rotary drive system rotating in opposite directions allows soil extraction and casing installation simultaneously. The soil from the pile are removed from the top of the auger and brought down to ground level via a chute…

Emergency Trauma Packs

Published 3 August 2020 | Written by Chris Dransfield
CategoriesA&E Defibrillators Emergency procedures First Aid Health screening Injuries Medical conditions Occupational health risks Training Visible first aiders

The Morgan Sindall Volker Fitzpatrick JV have introduced Emergency Trauma Packs (ETP’s) on the Barking Riverside Rail Extension project (BRE). We undertook a gap analysis of the post-incident care capability on site, which identified a need for a better package of knowledge and trauma treatment to be made available across the project. The project has in place Trained First Aiders,…