Carbon Monitoring – Action Credit Target System

Published 16 June 2017 | No comments
Written by Nichol Ioannou
CategoriesActual vs target Carbon management Monitoring and reporting Reporting and offsetting
To set meaningful carbon reduction targets for the site and to raise the profile of Sustainability, Ryewood has developed the ‘Action Credit Target System’ (ACTS). This is an alternative to setting usage reduction targets (e.g. a 10% reduction in carbon emissions), as these can be achieved or missed based on circumstance. For example, the erection of an essential tower crane...

Net Biodiversity Gain

Published 16 June 2017 | No comments
Written by Megan Hughes
CategoriesBiodiversity Improvement Landscaping Post-completion impact
At Green Park Village new phase we have a commitment to create a net biodiversity gain on the site. A specialist ecologist has been appointed to calculate the site baseline from the existing habitats present following a phase 1 habitat survey. To ensure that the site design will generate a net gain for biodiversity, the designs have been discussed with...

Using DataVision to virtualise data and GoPro usage

Published 27 April 2017 | No comments
Written by Kevin Roodt
CategoriesControls Site security Timings Unloading
The DataVision system is used for our logistics company on site to plan, record and review all delivery activities on site at each of our delivery gates. This allows the operatives to accurately, without the need for paper, control delivery schedules and record any incidents that may occur during the delivery. This system can be used across various screens and...

Government Apprenticeship Levy

Published 27 April 2017 | No comments
Written by Megan Hughes
CategoriesApprenticeships Placements
In order to promote apprentices and young people into the construction industry, and following the enforcement of the Government Apprenticeship Levy on 6th April 2017, a leaflet was created and issued to all contractors and trades on our site. The leaflet contains information on what the Apprenticeship Levy is, how you are affected if your company is not eligible, and...

Foreign Language Toolbox Talk Board

Published 10 April 2017 | No comments
Written by Sophie Redman
CategoriesDiversity Equality Language differences Language Differences
Kidbrooke Phase 3 has recently installed some toolbox talk health and safety boards. The boards have laminated sheets on them with different toolbox talks translated into Romanian in the slots, as there are a large number of Romanian internationals on site. We have one board by our turnstiles, where the operatives wait for the PPE checks in the morning and 4...

Social Sustainability: Living at Saffron Square

Published 20 March 2017 | No comments
Written by Rose Jaffray
CategoriesFeedback/questionnaires Local and special needs Public survey
Research was carried out by a team of researchers from LSE London to report on the mid-term social sustainability of Berkeley Homes’ Saffron Square development in central Croydon. The report sets out what residents said that they appreciate about living at Saffron Square and what they think could be improved. It assesses the quality of design and management of the...

Enhancing a Bee Friendly Environment

Published 14 March 2017 | No comments
Written by Rose Jaffray
CategoriesAwareness Improvement Planting Wildlife
Apis were appointed by Berkeley Homes to complete a feasibility study to see if it was possible to install bee hives at Saffron Square. This was carried out with the aim of providing a habitat for bees who are in decline across the UK. The feasibility study determined the site was not suitable due to the lack of forage or...

LED Flood Lighting

Published 19 December 2016 | No comments
Written by Olivia Allen
CategoriesEfficient energy use Efficient fuel use Lighting
The Form-A-light system has been implemented at Woodberry Down (KSS4). The system is made up of 50 watt LED lamps which generate 4000-4500lm. The lights are powered by a rechargeable battery which eliminate the need for trailing leads, therefore improving Health and Safety. When running at 25%, the battery can last for 12 hours, but this reduces to three hours...

Wheeled Scaffold Edge Protection 1 vote, average: 4.00 out of 51 vote, average: 4.00 out of 51 vote, average: 4.00 out of 51 vote, average: 4.00 out of 51 vote, average: 4.00 out of 5

Published 9 December 2016 | No comments
Written by James Baird
CategoriesBarriers Injuries Scaffold protection
There have been a number of occasions where delivery vehicles (usually an artic or rigid lorry) have turned up on site with either: No edge protection at all resulting in the vehicle being turned away. Insufficient edge protection if the vehicle has been fully laden with rebar. The problem arises when a slinger accesses the trailer and the lack or...

Healthy Feet, Happy Team!

Published 19 October 2016 | No comments
Written by Theresa Crampsie
CategoriesCleaning regime Drying
On site we were looking at ways to improve our drying room facilities to enable the teams to dry their boots ready for the winter. We looked at the classic methods of tumble drying and plug in boot dryers but don’t have the space, and these break down easily due to over use. They also use a lot of electricity...

Guidance to Improve Road Safety Awareness

Published 21 October 2015 | No comments
Written by Martin Lovegrove
CategoriesCycle safety Driver information Falling debris Guidance Guidance Identification of near misses Injuries Recording accidents Reporting Roads
Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Berkeley Group have joined together to create a Guidance document to ensure safe deliveries to and from construction sites. The guidance provides details on how to prevent accidents associated with deliveries and collections to and from site,  and is supported by a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) approved training course. Road safety remains a big...

Display of Site Progress Photos

Published 3 August 2015 | No comments
Written by Helle Dorrington
CategoriesFeedback Recognition
Berkeley Homes (West London) Ltd commissioned a photographer to take progress photos of the construction site. The initial purpose was to provide a record of the construction process. We were so delighted with the result that we decided to share them with the subcontractors, (the frame contractor is O’Halloran & O’Brien) and to make a great display of them on the...

Liaising with a Local Training Provider

Published 3 August 2015 | No comments
Written by Helle Dorrington
CategoriesBusinesses Cooperation Induction and training Training
Lighthouse Safety Training is a local company based in Medway, Kent, offering a variety of safety courses. Berkeley Homes have liaised with students studying the NEBOSH Construction Certificate. This link with Lighthouse Safety Training, has allowed their students periodic, structured access to the site to gain real time experience. The students study specific subjects and legislation at the training centre and then visit our site...

Good Order, Good Work, Good Health Campaign

Published 2 August 2015 | No comments
Written by Helle Dorrington
CategoriesDiet Healthy lifestyle advice Posters
Berkeley Homes have introduced a ‘Good Order, Good Work, Good Health’ campaign. Good Order – raise standards of the physical working environment to the highest possible level, thus reducing the potential for injury. Good Work – promote a positive culture and develop attitudes and behaviour. Focus on hazards and risks, work planning and delivery through effective management and supervision, thus reducing...

Multi Lingual Anti-Smoking Posters

Published 30 July 2015 | No comments
Written by Helle Dorrington
CategoriesCultural needs Language differences Posters Quit smoking Smoking and vaping Vaping
Improvement opportunity: At the occupational nurse’s visit it was found that smoking on site was three times higher (61%) than the national average in Britain (19%); As a result Berkeley Homes (West London) Ltd decided to focus on an anti-smoking campaign; A large proportion of the workforce comes from Romania and Lithuania; The high proportion of smokers could be culturally related. Proposal: Successful...