Case Study: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Solutions

Topic Progress:

Did any of your ideas match the following solutions?

  • The company as part of the recruitment process could use blind CV’s which do not include any personal details such as gender, age or ethnicity, to ensure that those making recruitment decisions will only see the person’s work capabilities.
  • The company can ensure that job opportunities are advertised in formats that are accessible to all.
  • The company should have an Equality and Diversity Policy to ensure requirements of the 2010 Equality Act are implemented, including providing equal and transparent recruitment, training and provision.
  • Providing opportunities for flexible working such as part-time roles, job shares, changeable hours of work and working from home.
  • Use of a standardised interviewing approach with pre-planned questions and a marking system carried out by a diverse recruitment panel.
  • Ensure the recruitment process does not create barriers through unconscious bias by using traditionally masculine words such as ‘strong’ in job descriptions.