The Scheme’s scoring system is designed to recognise different levels of performance against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice taking into account the individual circumstances of the site, company or supplier.

The Scheme also looks to recognise innovative activities or initiatives that demonstrate original thinking and new ways of dealing with many of the industry’s challenges. This could be the establishment of a brand new way of tackling a specific issue or the enhancement of an existing concept to deal with a new challenge.

Innovation can be defined simply as the demonstration of original thinking relevant to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice that if replicated across the industry or sector would give a real improvement to the overall performance or image of construction.

Obviously such activities or initiatives must be relevant to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice and, if replicated in one form or other on all sites in the UK, would give a real improvement to the overall performance or image of the industry.

Each site will have its own set of challenges to overcome and resolving these challenges often leads to original thinking and innovation. Monitors will consider the whole site, its size, where it is located, the circumstances surrounding the project and how the initiatives that site has put in place to improve the image of construction, compares to sites with similar challenges. It is these activities that go above and beyond the expected, which will receive the recognition.

Monitors also consider the scale of the contractor and project. Small to medium sized contractors are less likely to have access to the same resources as larger contractors and projects, and thus will be unable to implement initiatives of the same scale. Therefore, something that could be considered commonplace on large, multi-million pound developments could be viewed as innovative if witnessed on a small-scale project. Where the context of the project is part of the reasoning behind an activity or initiative being recognised as innovative, a blue context box will be used to explain how consideration has been given to size, type and location of the work, when assessing innovative activity.

All examples of innovation are checked and verified by the Scheme’s Review Group of Monitors, before being included on this Best Practice Hub.

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