What is the Best Practice Hub?

The Best Practice Hub hosts examples of construction industry best practice sourced from across the UK and Ireland. It is related to the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, and includes best practice initiatives either already in place or currently being developed. Searchable examples include information sourced from registered sites, companies and suppliers, industry bodies, government standards and educational establishments.

The Best Practice Hub can be used by anyone in the industry including site managers, contractors, suppliers and clients, who are looking to meet and exceed the requirements of the Code of Considerate Practice, achieve a higher score and ultimately improve the standards of considerate construction in the construction industry. Examples found on this Hub can be used to generate ideas for your own site or company.

The Code focuses on three main aspects which are:

  • Respect the Community
  • Care for the Environment
  • Value their Workforce

The Hub includes quick, easy and cost effective best practice tips, guidance and case studies, which can be implemented on site, whilst also benefitting the overall image of the construction industry.

All examples featured on the Hub have been reviewed and verified by a group of Scheme Monitors to ensure that information remains appropriate, up to date and at the forefront of considerate construction.

How to use the Hub?

The Best Practice Hub can be used in several different ways to suit you.

The homepage includes recently added and most popular examples of best practice as well as innovations and access to our Spotlight on… learning toolkits, e-learning courses and case studies.

There are three main ways in which you can search the Hub:

Keyword search:

  1. Search for keywords e.g. ‘recycling’ or ‘PPE’ and press enter or search.
  2. A list of relevant examples to your keyword search will be provided.
  3. You can then simply scroll through the examples, filter your results or sort by relevance.

Monitors’ Checklist Search:

  1. The Checklist search can be accessed via the top menu or from the main search box.
  2. You can search using the Monitors’ Checklist by selecting one of the following categories: ‘Community’, ‘Environment’ or ‘Workforce’ and the relevant question number from the checklist.
  3. This will produce all search results which are related to the chosen question number.

Code of Considerate Practice Search

  1. You can search via the Code of Considerate Practice by selecting one or more of the following categories: ‘Community’, ‘Environment’ or ‘Workforce’.
  2. You can then search the main four sub-categories within each section, as well as selecting relevant prompts, e.g. ‘cycle’ or ‘apprenticeship.’
  3. This search will draw the relevant examples to these prompts and you can simply scroll through the examples or filter as necessary.

If you want to narrow your results down even further, or customise them to suit your sites needs, you can select other search fields such as the size of site, level of practice or quick wins.

Products featured on the Hub

The Code of Considerate Practice outlines what the Scheme expects registered sites, companies and suppliers to achieve but is deliberately not prescriptive in how they should do this. The Scheme recognises that each project, depot and company is different and will face its own unique challenges and constraints. It also encourages innovation and original thinking, and drives the industry to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

The Hub is intended to provide examples of best practice ideas, initiatives and solutions within the scope of the Scheme’s Code. It includes many quick, easy and cost effective ideas and guidance, which can be implemented on site to benefit the overall image of the construction industry.

There are several entries on the Hub which include references or links to specific products, materials and services and these are included as they have been recognised by registered sites, companies and suppliers as helping them address the requirements of the Code.

The Scheme recognises that there will be many other alternative products or companies that can provide similar and perhaps better solutions to the requirements of the Scheme, which could also be shared on the Hub and at no point does the Considerate Constructors Scheme or the Best Practice Hub endorse or encourage the use of any specific product, goods or services over another.

If you would like to share your own examples of best practice or alternative solutions, click here.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on particular articles, please use the ‘comment’ facility available within each article.

The Best Practice Hub is provided by the Considerate Constructors Scheme