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Economic impact of development

Published 21 October 2015

Introduction: The local community are often worried when a new development is planned in their

Ivor Goodsite visits Victory Pier

Published 20 October 2015

Opportunity: When Ivor Goodsite visited Victory Pier to present the medals to school children

CSCS Cards for Disabled Students

Published 20 October 2015

Introduction: The Victory Pier development has an ongoing partnership with a local school,

Community Communications Plan

Published 5 August 2015

The 'Community Communications Plan' is a strategic plan, targeting the key deliverables for the

Apprentices and Training Action Plan

Published 3 August 2015

Purpose of the training action plan: To provide opportunities for people who aspire to work in

Health and Wellbeing Procedure

Published 3 August 2015

The purpose of the health and wellbeing procedure improvement opportunity was: To ensure

Display of Site Progress Photos

Published 3 August 2015

Berkeley Homes (West London) Ltd commissioned a photographer to take progress photos of the

Liaising with a Local Training Provider

Published 3 August 2015

Lighthouse Safety Training is a local company based in Medway, Kent, offering a variety of safety

Good Order, Good Work, Good Health campaign (Eat Well, Work Well, Live Well)

Published 2 August 2015

Berkeley Homes have introduced a 'Good Order, Good Work, Good Health' campaign. Good Order

Multi Lingual Anti-Smoking Posters

Published 30 July 2015

Improvement opportunity: At the occupational nurse’s visit it was found that smoking on site

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