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Women in Construction at London City Island

Published 17 August 2017

Reports reveal that women are expected to make up a quarter (26%) of the UK’s construction

Electric Car Charge for Community Use

Published 10 July 2017

With over 40 different electric models available in the UK, more than 90,000 registered Electric

Job opportunities via social media

Published 10 July 2017

Ballymore appreciate the need to attract new workers into the construction industry. On our

Celebrating Indian Diwali

Published 25 November 2016

With traditional Indian food, cooked at home and shared with all colleagues at work, we are happy

Feedback Using Social Media

Published 4 November 2016

We have added additional ''Review'' button onto our Facebook page to enable people to tell us what

Red Nose Charity Day at London City Island

Published 4 November 2016

Earlier this year our team at London City Island organised a charity day called Red Nose day in aid

Promoting CCS & the Best Practice Hub

Published 28 October 2016

Here at London City Island Project we have created a CCS Performance Chart with all our scores from

”Foot Stop” Service for our Workforce

Published 28 October 2016

We have organised for a free FootStop Service for our workforce at LCI. The FootStop scanner

Mental Health First Contacts

Published 28 October 2016

We have invited the ’MIND’ Charity Team to our LCI Project to provide our Managers with a

Flower Pots

Published 28 October 2016

We have recycled our milk bottles and re-used them to plant flowers and make our welfare better

Golf charity day in aid of the Lighthouse Club

Published 28 October 2016

The London City Island charity golf day was held on the 5th May 2016 in aid of The Lighthouse Club

Raising Drugs & Alcohol awareness

Published 25 October 2016

Our company’s drugs and alcohol policy includes a clear annual and random testing regime of no

Newsletters Focused on Each Section of the CCS Code

Published 25 October 2016

Here at London City Island we have decided to give a new vision to our newsletter and divide it in

Certificates for Subcontractors

Published 25 October 2016

London City Island and Ballymore would like to say massive thank you to all our trade contractors

Keeping with the Arts Scene: Hoarding Graffiti

Published 10 October 2016

We are delighted to be able to help young artists by promoting their work. It is important to

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