Using Intermediate Bulk Containers to Reduce Water Usage

Sisk and Quintain opted to use Panthera’s EnviroHoard™ on site at E03 Canada Court as the duo “reach of the sky at Wembley Park”. The team at EnviroHoard™ successfully delivered hoarding in accordance with the handover programme which required the hoarding to be relocated a number of times to separate areas being handed over to the client from the ongoing work site.

With numerous ‘challenges’ on this project including restricted access, a strict no dig policy, and with limited crane access to lift and clear concrete blocks upon works completion, Panthera Group successfully designed a kentledge system for the hoarding using 1000 litre IBC’s.

In order to achieve this, Panthera’s team constructed a frame around the IBC using scaffold tube and fitting that allowed the hoarding to be installed, struck and reinstalled without any need for a crane. The system was able to facilitate continual moves in accordance with the handover programme as the team were able to simply disconnect the horizontal tubes and use an inline pump to move the water from the IBC’s into new ones along the new hoarding line saving approximately 70,000 litres of water.

Panthera Group are delighted that where hoarding is no longer required and can be removed from site that the main contractor John Sisk plan to use the water for filling ponds and watering the newly installed landscaping.

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