Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel

This project is the first construction site to install the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel in association with PPAC 19 which is a preventive measure to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

The product uses Hypochlorous acid, which consists of 99% water, salt and is electrostatically charged. Hypochlorous acid is a natural chemical made by our white blood cells as the body’s first defence against infection and has been used for over 100 years. To this present day, it is used by optometrists to clean the retina, dentists to clean the mouth & hospitals worldwide as a potential replacement for antibiotics. Ground breaking research in the US has also found it to assist with combating causes of pneumonia in the lungs.

The solution is a water based alcohol-free product with a neutral PH Value. Before stepping into the tunnel, the user’s temperature is taken. Provided this is an acceptable level, the user steps into the tunnel and has a light spray on them of the hypochlorous sanitiser solution, at a strength of 200ppm. Ingesting, eye contact and skin contact is harmless.

The supplier is currently in talks with a host of clients across all industry sectors including installations at West Ham Premier League Academy Football Club, Doncaster Knights RFC, music venues & numerous care homes.

This example of best practice is just one way that projects can work to tackle the virus and reduce the spread. For full guidance and the latest Government advice read the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures.

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