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Trimble Vision

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesInspection and assurance Monitoring Risk assessments

The use of Trimble Vision allows the site team to input modelled building elements and see them live on site. The main usage of this product is to show the team buried services in the ground prior to excavation assisting with service avoidance. This is a new piece of technology not widely used in the industry and has the potential…

Lotus Pro Ionised Cleaning

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime Decontamination regime

Lotus Pro uses only water to provide a simple, safe and sustainable way to clean. Using an electric current it ionises the water to produce stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO) which acts as a cleaning agent killing 99.9% of germs. This is a no VOC cleaning option avoiding issues of allergies and COSHH for cleaners use and for easier storage. It…

Fill and Monitor Solution to Construct Highway Embankment

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCarbon reduction Conserve of resources Monitoring and recording of resource usage

On this project, part of the road is carried on a 5m high embankment which overlies a historical railway cutting. The railway cutting was up to 9.5 m deep and is infilled with landfill material, placed predominantly during the 1970s. Ground investigation was carried out to determine the composition of the landfill material, which generally comprised a clay/sand matrix with…

Earth Friendly Concrete

Published 4 August 2022 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCarbon reduction Lower embodied carbon content materials

This contractor used over 180m3 of cement free concrete in the abutments for the flood barrier. This saved 44 tonnes in embodied CO2 which is 70% less than traditional OPC concrete. This product has never been used in these volumes before from the supplier and required new heated admixture tanks to be installed in the batching plant.