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Extending the Life of Vacuum Bags

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesConserve of resources

The site team have developed a unique method of extending the life of vacuum bags by routing the extraction through a cannister which settles out the large particles into a receptacle that can be emptied into the bin thereby reducing the larger particles in the dust bags. The device is being patented and if used around the industry could save…

Use of Specwall as a Dry Lined Partitions Replacement

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Jack Endean

On this project they have used Specwall as a direct replacement for traditional dry lined partitions in the marketing suite and offices. By using Specwall it enabled them to start internal partitions before being completely weathertight which in turn reduced the overall build time. The panels have a pre finished face which allows final finishes to be applied directly to…

School Catch Up Programme

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCommunity engagement Promoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries Support for local charities

This contractor is working with Kirkby College to provide work experience for their construction department.  With the pandemic over the last year the students will be partaking in the catch up programme which runs through the summer holidays. They have arranged for their bricklaying subcontractor to supply materials and supervision to assist the students to construct brick panels in their…


Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesInspection and corrective action Planning of traffic routes

This contractor is collaborating on a digital research and development project, partly funded by Innovate UK which tackles the need to adapt and find new ways to support communication, planning, and safety activities on construction sites. Using the latest research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for vision, the contractor, the University of West England’s Big Data Enterprise and…

Injury Workshop

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Jack Endean
CategoriesCoaching for unsafe actions Consultation on health and safety Health risk assessments and monitoring

In order to raise awareness of the short and long term effects of injuries sustained both in the workplace and at home, the site held an interactive workshop to illustrate the the importance of PPE and safe working practices. The workshop was focused on 5 main themes: Eye injuries, hearing loss, arm injuries, leg injuries and working under the influence…

Upcycling Timber Through Biotechnology

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Wainwright
CategoriesConserve of resources Modern methods of construction

This contractor has used Mykor, which is a biotechnology and advanced materials company developing commercially viable and sustainable building materials grown from waste. Timber waste on this project is being used to produce a sustainable alternative to construction materials such as insulation, along with homeware items through 3D Print Technology Timber waste is inoculated with Mycelium which is the vegetative…

SEND Work Experience Programme

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Wainwright
CategoriesSchools and nurseries Support for local charities

This contractor has created a 10 week virtual educational activity programme in collaboration with ThinkForward, a special educational needs charity which has been designed with sessions tailored to the individual needs of the students taking part. The contractor suggested that students create ‘passports’ before starting that included learning preferences and individual needs. They then used this as a basis to…

Safeguard Hard Hat Tracking

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Wainwright
CategoriesHealth risk assessments and monitoring Inspection and assurance

On this project they are using a wearable device that attaches onto a hard hat to recognise the unique movement patterns of users completing tasks. With location and environmental sensors, the Safeguard device can provide workforce-wide insight at a level that has not been possible before. The primary function of the Safeguard device is to help improve safety by mapping…

Keyless Door Management

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Wainwright
CategoriesControlled access

This project is the first to use new technology for locking and accessing internal doors on site, which eliminates need for hundreds of keys for different apartments during construction. This eliminates the need for signing in and out of keys on registers as well as being efficient way of managing different trades across apartments. The technology offers real-time access control…

Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

Published 23 August 2021 | Written by Duncan Gardner
CategoriesLandscaping Reduced use of single use plastics

In keeping with current best practice and to reduce adverse environmental impacts from the use of plastic products, the project is using a biodegradable product instead of plastic tree shelters. 5000 non-plastic shelters are being installed at four locations with diverse micro-climates which allows their environmental specialists to monitor and understand the performance of the shelters in different conditions. The…

Virtual Work Experience for Neurodiverse Students

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Laura Regan
CategoriesDisadvantaged and minority groups support Schools and nurseries Support for local charities

Working with The Courtyard, a school specialising in working with children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and/or communication needs, the contractor developed a six-week work experience specifically for neurodiverse students. This programme involved designing a welfare facility with coronavirus restrictions, using Matterport, DALUC and Google Sketch Up – this was based on a real-world problem for the project….

Story Sacks for Local Schools and Nurseries

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Sophia Barnes
CategoriesCommunity engagement Schools and nurseries

This contractor is running a story sack drive for local primary schools and nurseries in Lincolnshire. Story sacks consist of a sack containing a book and toys and games based upon the theme of the book. They are a resource which children can take home, read and enjoy with their family, before returning and swapping for another. The site manager…

Safety Footwear

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Ward

Following a near miss when a steel prop fell on to an operative’s boot missing the steel toe cap, which fortunately only led to bruising, the sites contractor decided to investigate alternative safety footwear that had mid-sole protection. The contractor has since introduced the STLFLX Metguardz Metatarsal and Lace Protector Boot for their operatives to wear. The footwear has increased…

Fall Protection Management System

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Laura Regan
CategoriesControls and expected behaviours Falling objects

Every element of edge protection on the site is assessed by the contractor when it is put in position. Once they have assessed and signed off that element of edge protection, this is logged on the Fall Protection Management System on Fieldview and provided a QR code. This system allows the area of edge protection to be allocated to a…

Community Safety Alarm

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Lucy Ward
CategoriesPedestrian safety Safety signage

At this project the river walkway is very open to the public so following the Sarah Everard abduction and murder, and the subsequent protests, they decided to introduce a community safety alarm system. They have put up two alarm buttons around the perimeter of the site and if the button is pressed it will set off an alarm in the…