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Promoting the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Published 31 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesClients Communication Scheme training and champion Supply chain Updates

At the Beeston Footbridge site in Nottingham, the site team has developed a visual display as a way of promoting the Considerate Constructors Scheme to the client. They site team linked the site’s achievements against each section of the CCS checklist. The visual board showcasing the achievements is on display at the entrance of the site office and is actively…

Monitoring Unauthorised Vehicles

Published 31 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesBarriers Driver information Initiatives

On site, the team had developed an app which monitors any unauthorised vehicle incursions into the works area by barriers having a movement sensor attached which is connected to the app. Any unauthorised vehicles can be recorded and if part of the works team., they can be monitored on the same system. Warning of any unauthorised private vehicles entering the…

Keyless Locks

Published 31 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

A theme at our weekly site committee meetings has been about the amount of time the workforce would spend signing keys in and out. The original format of this task consisted of any operative who wished to gain access would need to sign out a key with our dedicated key manager located in the permit cabin. One of the issues…

Accessible Site Induction for all Operatives

Published 31 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCultural needs Induction and training Language differences Language Differences Minority groups Personal development Site specific induction

The project team felt that the current site induction progress could be improved, especially where operatives did not have English as their first language. A young on-site Digital Engineer was challenged to come up with an effective site induction presentation that will promote engagement, regardless of language. With the support from the Digital Engineering Modelling team, an interactive site induction…

Noise Alert Indicators

Published 31 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunicate initiatives Initiatives Noise

The site team currently has 38 supervisors and managers on site all of which have these monitors attached to their PPE at all times. The feedback has been excellent as it provides each individual instant indication of noise levels in the immediate vicinity. This subsequently enables them to notify other persons in the area to use hearing protection. The noise…

Promoting Construction for the Next Generation

Published 17 October 2018 | Written by Celeste Koen
CategoriesCareers advice Community liaison First Impressions standards Initial impressions Residents Signage

At The Madison site in London, we created A0 size poster boards of the typical six stages of construction to bring awareness of different roles in construction to show it is not all about dirty and hard labour outside on site with poor pay and low education. The reality is very different. Construction offers good salaries, many roles are office…

Stairmaster Safety Steps

Published 17 October 2018 | Written by Raluca Ursu
CategoriesFixtures and fittings Identification of near misses Initiatives UTC Working methods

To construct the main stairs in each Block on the E03 project, the unique Stairmaster system is being used. In order to construct the stairs using this system, a temporary deck is installed to build the half landing and landing. The Stairmaster is then lowered into position using the tower crane and is supported by the temporary deck. The next…

Protective Brick Jackets

Published 17 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Injuries Working methods

At the ‘The Paddocks’ site in Buckinghamshire, the site team has used innovative brick jackets. The brick jackets are used to enclose packs or partial used packs of bricks on scaffolding to prevent damage and the risk of falling materials. In addition, the brick jackets act as a preventative measure to stop the elements entering the brick. In turn, the…

Pre-Employment Drugs and Alcohol Testing

Published 8 October 2018 | Written by Tamzin Balmer
CategoriesAlcohol testing Drugs and alcohol policy Drugs testing

Illegal drug use and alcohol abuse is a social issue and in a highly hazard environment, such as construction, the effects can have a significant impact on safety. Strong policies and robust testing regimes are required to ensure that the effects of such use and abuse do not pose a risk to safety of people working on our construction sites….

Wireless Remote Shutdown of an Excavator

Published 8 October 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInitiatives Vehicle enhancements

At its International Quarter site in London, Lendlease have developed a remotely operated cut-off system (ROCS) which provides the wireless remote shutdown of an excavator. The ROCS system has been designed by Active Group Ltd and works at a range of up to 100m and encompasses a robust anti-theft capability. On site, the ROCS system is operated by a subcontractor…


Published 13 September 2018 | Written by Jack Lawrence
CategoriesInitiatives Working methods

Photogrammetry is the use of photography in surveying and mapping to ascertain measurements between objects and has been used system wide across the Euston South Enabling Works. It has been essential to provide better visuals and accurate data to locate and expose underground services from trial holes that are being carried out on various sites. This method has ensured that…