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Be a Game Changer – Stress Campaign

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAccess to health practitioners and counselling services Mental health

One of the issues this contractor is finding on site is stress, especially during the pandemic and the effect that this has had on their workforce. The contractor has set up a partnership with the Newcastle United Foundation to become ambassadors for the ‘be a game changer’ campaign, they have carried out a workshop and are following this up site…

NFC Medical Information and Emergency Contact Details Tag

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEmergency preparedness

The site is trialling an NFC chip, which can be located in a wrist band (for use by visitors), card, helmet tag or fob for operatives. This is a data storage device which is being used on the site for any medical information and as well as emergency contact details. By uploading this information to the chip using a tag…

Beyond the Line of Visual Sight Drone Trial

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInspection and assurance

This contractor is the first in the UK to use drone flight to be controlled from beyond the line of visual sight (BLOVS) and is intended to pave the way for them to be stored on or flown to site to carry out visual inspections without operators needing to travel to site. The drone pilot is located in a central…

Motion Frame

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator

Motion Frame is a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) panelised wall system, made up of a traditional head track and 2 sided plasterboard sandwich panels with an insulated filling. The panels are lifted and installed by hand from the ground level with no working at height requirement. Once in position they are fixed in to place by adding ‘feet’…

Visually Measuring Noise Levels On Site

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator

One of the issues on site is measuring noise levels, traditionally noise levels are measured with a decibel reader and the noise is displayed as a numeric reading. On this project they have purchased a device which turns sound into a automatised colour display, the SoundEar 3. SoundEar3 is a visual-based product, designed to provide the user with a comprehensive…

Electrically Powered Crawler Crane

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment

This site is extremely congested with the new building being constructed within metres of occupied student accommodation and also residential properties. A newly imported from America hybrid/electrically powered crawler crane was found to overcome noise and pollution issues. The diesel engine only being needed at start up then all jib operations are electrically powered. More normal self erecting electrically powered…

Podcast for the Next Generation

Published 27 January 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunity engagement Notice board Promoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries

This contractor is passionate about ensuring that they encourage the next generation to join the industry especially to overcome the current skills shortage the industry is experiencing. As a result of the pandemic it has made it very difficult for them to provide talks and events within the local, and as a result they have developed a podcast with support…

DNA – Drop Nothing at All

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesControls and expected behaviours Falling objects Unsafe condition reporting

Project DNA (Drop Nothing at All) is the holistic approach to preventing things falling on this project. It is predominately lead using technology to create a culture that they will not accept anything falling. DNA includes 35,712 individual nuts, washers, bolts, and brackets that could be dropped and planning how not to drop them through each strategy using BIM. They…

Crane Hook Manipulator

Published 14 October 2021 | Written by Lewis Haines
CategoriesControlled access

As a result of site constraints with a limited distance to the NWR fence, combined with their complicated façade installation process, they needed a specialist device for installing some of their façade components. They used ‘Alice’ – their hydraulic remote controlled crane hook attachment. This prevents the number of operatives having to work around a suspended load and can turn…

Solar Charge Pod

Published 19 July 2021 | Written by Simon Mintoft
CategoriesEnergy efficient plant and equipment Green/renewable energy

This contractor trialled a Solar Charge Pod their project  which allows them to charge a range of battery operated small tools emission free. The Solar Powered Tool Charge Pod provides a 36-port charging facility, reducing emissions whilst also reducing the Health and Safety impacts of potential leading wires and daisy chaining of extension cables. Using this on site for 23…