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Lazer Level with Vacuum Suction

Published 7 July 2020

On this project they are using a lazer level with a vacuum suction function which instantly

Drawings on Large Screens

Published 7 July 2020

During these times of change due to the pandemic we have been looking at ways to change. We have

Window Protection

Published 17 February 2020

We have started using a spray on window protection, which is more environmentally friendly than

Heras Fence Lifter

Published 3 February 2020

The project team have recently ordered two Heras fence lifters for their site, which makes carrying

Tarmac Planing

Published 27 January 2020

On this project, the team have used recycled road scalpings to form their site car park. They

Health and Wellbeing

Published 13 January 2020

Morgan Sindall and its subcontractors all have strong beliefs regarding the wellbeing of the

Recycled Christmas Tree

Published 13 January 2020

Christmas has passed, but during the run up to it, we got a trainee onsite to recycle old pallets

IPAF Entry Locked Cherry Pickers

Published 21 October 2019

The steelwork erector's cherry pickers were delivered to site with access control systems fitted.

War on Waste Personal Pledges

Published 21 October 2019

Construction as an industry (along with many other industries and the world as a whole) produces

Pedestrian Walkways

Published 11 October 2019

Instead of buying in paving slabs to put around welfare which would only be thrown away at the end

Magnetic Signage

Published 23 September 2019

Most of the construction industries welfare units are made of metal, so by attaching signage to a

Hot Works

Published 15 July 2019

We have been using the wet floor stands with a different sign on it which states that hot works are

Trench Forming

Published 17 June 2019

On the James Paget Hospital site, we are working in the middle of the hospital. The way the project

Cordless Caulking Gun

Published 10 June 2019

We have been trialling a cordless caulking gun at Roydon Primary School. This is used by

3D App

Published 25 February 2019

We have been using an App called LiveHome3DPro to great effect. In less than an hour you can

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