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Site Security

Published 10 December 2018

Due to advances in technology, we are currently using Long Range Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter

Dewalt Tool Connect

Published 10 December 2018

We have been using Dewalt Tool Connect onsite attached to forklifts, ladders, pallets, tools and

Aspiration Tree

Published 4 December 2018

On completion of the new extension to the Queens Hill Primary School, we made a tree out of an

Gorilla Block Buster

Published 29 November 2018

"Gorilla Block Busters" were bought for the site we are working on to give to the bricklayers to

Battery powered wacker plate

Published 23 November 2018

The emission free, battery powered AS50 rammer provides protection to both the user and the

Nutrition and wellbeing training

Published 12 November 2018

At Morgan Sindall, we are using Future Learn which is a free online resource whereby individuals

Splash Stopper

Published 6 November 2018

The splash stopper is for use when washing out a mixer to save the eyes mainly as well as the rest

Pop Up Cone

Published 6 November 2018

These pop up cones take up no space at all, fold flat to 30mm. We have been trialling them on

Forklift Reversing

Published 31 October 2018

We have changed the reversing sounder on the forklift to the white noise reversing sound. The


Published 25 October 2018

Easiplaster can be placed directly over the wound and wrapped securely. By adding more layers and

Enhance site appearance with recycled materials

Published 5 February 2018

Re-using leftover and old materials for various things around the site to help enhance the

Heated jacket to protect the workforce from the cold

Published 2 February 2018

The Construction Site can be a cold place in winter with muscles needing to be kept warm to

Scrolling LED sign

Published 16 January 2018

Instead of walls filled with paper signs we trialled a Scrolling LED sign which links to a computer

Mr Safe T

Published 16 January 2018

A character was made up (Mr Safe T) while working on a school to show what a construction worker

Lifting eye for lifting roadplates

Published 9 January 2018

We came up with a lifting eye solution for road plates, which involved  cutting a hole in the

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