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Safety Dashboard

Published 10 May 2019

Hollyfields have implemented a running dashboard to measure our health, safety and environmental

Festive Returns

Published 29 April 2019

A total of six million Christmas trees are thought to be thrown away every year in the UK. These

Actions Based on Scheme Monitor’s Recommendations

Published 23 April 2019

Following our latest CCS site visit, we reviewed our Monitor's suggestions and implemented these

Bi-Monthly Borough Council and Resident Meetings

Published 16 April 2019

Every other month, a meeting is held on site with the senior site team, key members from Tunbridge

Division-wide Water Standard

Published 16 April 2019

The site team at Hollyfields have developed a water standard which has been launched across the

Local Fitness Class Directory

Published 16 April 2019

A new poster has been added to our site entrance public display board. This lists local classes and

YMCA Horizon Project Educational Visit

Published 18 March 2019

The Horizon Project works with young people ages 13 - 19 (or up to 25 if they have learning

Health and Safety Green Card Incentives

Published 21 January 2019

Safety is paramount on site, and our workforce is reminded of safety procedures and the importance

Resident Car and Window Cleaning

Published 10 January 2019

In order to respect our neighbouring residents' properties during the dry summer months, both

Multilingual Modern Slavery Campaign

Published 10 January 2019

With the construction sector employing a significant proportion of the global workforce, the


Published 10 January 2019

With waste products forming such an environmental issue to the world, the site team at Hollyfields

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