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Use of GPR Technology for Surveying

Published 13 January 2022

Service drawings can be unreliable with the CAT or RD8001 type scanners only locating services with

Solar Panel and Lithium-ion Powered Noise Monitoring Stations

Published 13 January 2022

On this project they are building a new offline bypass and are required to continuously monitor the

Smart Gate

Published 13 January 2022

The team on this project wanted to address the potential risk of vehicles leaving works entrances

Remote Control Grass Cutting in Difficult Terrain

Published 13 January 2022

On this project the new road cuts through areas of peat which is waterlogged and operations in this

Dump Truck with Ejection Blade

Published 2 June 2021

This contractor and the construction industry as a whole have identified overhead power line or

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