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Encouraging the Workforce to go for a Walk

Published 16 June 2021

This contractor have created a new mental health initiative to encourages their workers to take a

BE Campaign

Published 16 June 2021

This company strives for their company and entire workforce to be Respectful, Kind, Safe,

Informing the Workforce on Sexually Transmitted Infections

Published 2 June 2021

With the restrictions of coronavirus starting to ease off, people are more likely to start catching

First Aid Audio Instructions

Published 20 May 2021

When First Aid is required, people can find themselves in a state of shock and despite having up to

Bereavement Support Pack

Published 20 May 2021

When faced with tragedies, sudden losses, or long-term illnesses of employees or their loved ones

Using Three Layered High Grade Cotton Face Mask

Published 16 March 2021

Previously this contractor chose to use cotton masks which were made by one of our employees

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Adults, Children and Pets

Published 16 March 2021

During the works at a block of flats, while the children were at home along with their parents

Lead Dust Contamination

Published 16 March 2021

On this project they recognise that lead dust is a contaminant and a hazardous substance for the

Giving Back to Scheme Registered Projects

Published 16 March 2021

Over the past few years, the contractor has worked incredibly hard to improve their practices and

Encouraging Biophilia Among the Workforce

Published 16 March 2021

Biophilia describes the human drive to connect with nature and other living things. Nature’s

Company Mugs Promoting CCS National Award

Published 16 March 2021

After having a bad experience with traditional ceramic mugs on construction sites that chip very

Sanitising Sensitive Equipment On Site

Published 1 February 2021

The contractor is using the HQube UV-C Sterilising Cube that uses highly effective UV-C technology

Protecting the Knees of the Workforce

Published 30 November 2020

During construction projects that require lifting heavy loads, the project team have noticed that

Coronavirus Gift Pack for Employees

Published 30 November 2020

The contractor has decided to give all of their employees a coronavirus gift pack. This included

Welcome Home Doormat

Published 18 November 2020

On this project they are passionate about constantly improving the image of the industry and

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