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Welcome Home Doormat

Published 18 November 2020

On this project they are passionate about constantly improving the image of the industry and

Countdown Clock on Hoardings

Published 18 November 2020

Despite the best efforts it is not always possible to reduce the inconvenience that comes with

Hands-Free Shoe Cover Dispenser

Published 26 October 2020

At Clearly Renovations they are trying to minimise close contact on their sites to help prevent the

Emergency Baby Care Kit

Published 19 October 2020

This company have made the decision to send their clients who have given birth during the project

Freestanding Foot Pedal Hand Sanitisers

Published 1 September 2020

While using the hand sanitisers which in most of the cases came in a bottle with a pump, we

First Aid Stand Evacuation Trolley

Published 15 July 2020

We know that in any case of an emergency every minute counts. So what happens if a fire breaks out

Promoting CCS on our Xmas cards

Published 22 June 2020

We at clearly renovations are proud to be part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and we are

Recycle Cycles

Published 10 June 2020

Unlike the national cycle to work scheme that is only available for purchasing new bikes, which can

Rewarding Employees for Donating Blood

Published 2 March 2020

We have decided to encourage our workers to give blood. We have done this by creating leaflets that

Championing Back to Work Mums Scheme

Published 2 September 2019

We have launched a 'Championing Back to Work Mums' scheme with the aim of attracting more women to

Say NO to Single-Use Plastic

Published 23 April 2018

Did you know that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight? As an

Say ‘NO’ to Portable Toilets

Published 19 February 2018

The protection of the environment has always been high on our agenda. We have been scrutinising our

Diversity Calendar: get closer to your community

Published 19 February 2018

Our company has always been on a look out for ideas on how to improve our industry's image. One

Health and Safety in the Workplace: Mobile Phones

Published 19 February 2018

Most of us have them and despite their benefits, mobile phones in the workplace may become a hazard

The Loyalty Scheme: Reduce Workforce Turnover

Published 19 February 2018

High staff turnover in the construction sector is not an unknown fact, nor are the costs associated

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