Entries by Leah Barrett

Colour Coded Building/Cores

Published 10 February 2020

On The Broadway Project, we have introduced colour coded cores/buildings. There are six towers

Green Route Matting

Published 25 November 2019

Typically, our green routes were marked out with spray painted arrows. However, after

Mobile Tether Board

Published 27 August 2019

On The Broadway project, we have a site policy that all phones must be tethered and used in safe

Medical ID and Emergency Contact Details

Published 5 August 2019

To encourage the safety of the operatives on and off site, The Broadway project has requested for

MukGuard: Re-usable Over Shoes

Published 5 August 2019

The Broadway project have taken steps to eradicate single use plastics on site, and have therefore

Recycled Timber – Recycle Bins

Published 17 June 2019

The Broadway is dedicated to reducing waste on site and encourage recycling where possible. Our

The Broadway Book Club

Published 24 May 2019

On The Broadway, project we have decided to set up a book club to encourage social

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