Aspire Defence Capital Works Ltd’s ambitious Allenby Connaught Ministry Defence Project

Aspire Defence Capital Works Ltd (ADCW) have proven their credentials as a considerate constructor through their careful handling of a development within four garrisons on Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot in Hampshire.

ADCW was created as a joint venture between Carillion and KBR in 2006, with the aim to make life better for 18,700 soldiers, by providing modern, high quality, fully serviced, purpose built living and working accommodations.

During the last eight years ADCW has successfully accomplished six main sites, one of these sites can be found at Perham Down in Wiltshire. Phases of Perham Down barracks have previously achieved two National Site Bronze Awards.

Here are some examples of best practice initiatives carried out by Aspire Defence Capital Works Ltd, to comply with the Considerate Constructors Scheme:

  • Company vans carried the logo, ‘Making Soldiers’ Lives Better’ this promoted the company’s values both internally and to the public.
  • The majority of ADCW’s building works took place alongside fully operational garrisons, it was crucial that the construction work did not disrupt the day to day running of the camps. To overcome this challenge, great care was taken in the planning and communication with the client and other stakeholders.
  • A comprehensive Transition Programme was developed, which displayed when areas were required to be vacated. This was achieved by working closely with the army via meetings, to accommodate their needs.
  • Poppies are to be planted initially to commemorate the centenary of WW1 with a reminder in successive years whilst wild flower meadows are also being provided.
  • Additional measures have been introduced to reduce nuisance such as the hiring of a special drill to bolt down the buildings with a very low noise rating and reduced HAVS.
  • Due to the environment in which the works took place, every person who entered the garrison was required to have security clearance or be escorted.
  • The project value ‘Safety First – Always’ was made a priority on site to ensure that the workforce and neighbours were safe at all times. Safety was built into all activities including the selection of subcontractors at procurement stage. Therefore safety was made an integral part of every phase from design and planning to construction.
  • The company initiative ‘Don’t Walk By’ (DWB) was introduced, to ensure that everyone looked out for each other. The workforce was encouraged to write helpful safety suggestions and tips on easily accessible cards.
  • Worker Consultation and Safety Action Group meetings were held, in these meetings open debates on all things to do with safety and wellbeing were encouraged.
  • ‘Don’t Walk By’ cards were analysed, to identify trends and used to predict and prevent issues for the next site. All cards were actioned so that the workforce could see that their points were being addressed.
  • To demonstrate that the input from the workforce was valued, two ‘Don’t Walk By’ cards were selected on a monthly basis from each Garrison for a prize.



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