Angled Material Trolley Accessory

In the early stages of this project it was identified that the method for transporting 3 metre lengths of mechanical and electrical materials such as pipework, trunking, cable tray, Unistrut, cable basket etc. from the basement loading bay to the fit-out floors was a challenging task.

This was because the designated goods lift is under 3 metres long. Therefore the 3 metre lengths of materials were unloaded from the delivery vehicle, loaded onto a standard pipe rack and wheeled to the designated goods lift. The materials were then unloaded from the pipe rack into the goods lift in a diagonal position to allow for the lift doors to close.

It was then decided that a bespoke trolley accessory would be an ideal solution. A metalwork fabrication company were approached and consultation took place to design and manufacture a bespoke trolley accessory that would allow the process of manoeuvring mechanical and electrical materials from the loading bay to the fit-out floors faster, easier and safer.

Once the accessory was manufactured it was sent to site for on the job testing. The accessory allowed the materials to be stored onto the trolley in a diagonal position. This allowed the trolley to be loaded with materials straight from the delivery vehicle and straight into the goods lift. Therefore, eliminating the requirement for the materials to be unloaded from the pipe rack and manually loaded into the goods lift. This made the process both safer as the requirement for manual handling was reduced and improved productivity as the time required for unloading and movement of materials was reduced significantly.

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