Capital Square Live Permit Board

The Capital Square Office Development has taken a digitalised spin on the way the permit system is used. We have taken all of our old paper permits and integrated them with the construction management software BIM360.

The system is set up by integrating QR codes with BIM360, and then attaching these to arm bands that are issued to operatives. Each armband is a different colour depending on what task is being undertaken, e.g. red for hot works, green for excavation, blue for working on or near live services, and orange for general works such as ladder and roof permits.

The QR code is scanned and the permit is then tied to that QR code which is on the armband. The operative then wears that armband around site which shows a visual representation that they have a valid permit. The permits can be signed on and off as necessary with the record held on BIM360.

It was identified that a flaw in this system was how to identify the exact location of a permit. The solution to this was to print off multiple general arrangement drawings, one for each level and fix it to the wall beside our live permit board. Magnets are then used to visually show the location of a permit to anyone who wants that information.

The task of issuing the permits is undertaken by the Site Managers who can issue permits easily and efficiently with the use of an iPad. This confirms all safety measures are in place and follow up inspections occur after the work is completed which are signed off at the location of work. This system is relevant in improving safety as it presents a clear visual representation of what permit an operative is working to by the colour of their armband.

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