Dust control agent

Dust Ace is well suited for a variety of uses such as car parks, driveways and road shoulders where paving is too costly or not sustainable and where dust conditions become intolerable.

Dust Ace coats individual road particles with a thin adhesive film that binds and packs them together for a stronger surface. Consequently, as well as “laying” dust, water uptake by the road bed surface is greatly reduced and the binder is less likely to be washed away by rain.

There are numerous benefits to using binders such as Dust Ace, including;

  • Saves money with a 70% or bigger reduction in water consumption and road-spray plant operating time;
  • Improves health and safety by controlling dust clouds visibility on dust roads is significantly increased and a significant health hazard is eliminated. It also creates a denser, firmer road cap which reduces the sliding hazards of loose dirt and gravel by binding them into a hard, skid-resistant surface;
  • It is safe for personnel and the environment as it can be applied without special equipment or clothing and is non-toxic and non-hazardous;
  • It improves efficiency as vehicles can travel over treated areas immediately eliminating the need to re-route traffic. Dust is less likely to enter engine parts which reduces equipment maintenance requirements;
  • Dust Ace can reduce road repairs as hardened road surfaces are less likely to suffer the ribbed washboard effect common with untreated gravel or dirt roads. As a result, frequent grading can be reduced or eliminated;
  • Dust Ace is delivered in 1000 litre IBC containers for easy storage on site and can be sprayed on problem areas using a normal water bowser and sprayer system.

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