Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF for Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning

The professional team and Main Contractor came together during the design process to review the potential of integrating a new, market-leading, more environmentally friendly solution to the client’s air conditioning needs. Following a great deal of deliberation and understanding of the pros/ cons of both systems, the team voted in favour of adopting a new Hybrid VRF system from Mitsubishi, for the benefit of a long and energy efficient future for the building and its future tenants, and the design principles were subsequently changed.

This collaborative approach and future thinking regarding energy usage and the environment has resulted in Europe’s first Air Conditioning system using Hybrid heat recovery VRF system operating with refrigerant gas R32.

Why is R32 good?
Refrigerants are classified by their Global Warming Potential (GWP). R32 has a rating of 675 and the current refrigerant R410a has a GWP of 2088 so R32 is more than 66% better for the environment than the current VRF refrigerant, and helps towards the global goal of reducing the GWP across the planet (in accordance with targets set during the Kyoto Protocol).

What is Hybrid VRF?
This system uses up to 30% refrigerant (much less than standard VRF systems) and it uses water through the indoor units making indoor temperatures more comfortable for the occupants.

How does heat recovery work?
Heat recovery works by removing heat from a space (cooling) and using that recovered heat where it’s needed (heating) this ensures minimal energy wastage and an optimised system at all times meaning lower bills for the end user with an environmentally friendly solution.

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