Noise Breakers

The contractor came across a company who specialise in noise breakers that are personally moulded ear plugs which can be used to block out various noises from various machinery whilst working on construction sites. These plugs enable staff to be able to work on site and still hear noise without having to wear full on ear protectors on their helmets.

They are in a handy case that can be fitted comfortably within any clothing item or PPE. The contractor found that they had many different applications, as they can also be used for sleeping and to alleviate noise from snoring partners or swimming and many more activities.

They are environmentally friendly, being made of medical grade silicone rubber which doesn’t have any effect on the environment.
The whole process to get these fitted literally lasted minutes on the operatives by putting a cotton tab into the ear canal and administering a clay like material so that it sets into the ear and then taken out for the lab technicians to make them so they fit to only your ears.

Benefits of the noise breakers are:

  • Comfort – custom made from non-allergenic silicone
  • Vented – to prevent ‘plugged up’ feeling
  • Filtered – to avoid over-protection or isolation
  • Durable – no moving parts or electronics to wear out or injure the ear
  • Convenient – can be worn under helmets or headphones
  • Environmentally friendly – virtually indestructible

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