Noise Mitigation Methods During Night Works

Sir Robert McAlpine is currently working on a major project behind a retained façade on Grosvenor Place, London. During the demolition phase, a significant façade retention structure was constructed which posed some challenges when it came time for removal.

One side of the project backs onto a TfL red route. Due to the pedestrian and vehicle traffic, TfL required the façade retention structure to be removed at night. This posed significant challenges given the location of the project within a residential area in Belgravia, and Westminster Environmental Services understandably had a lot of concerns. To mitigate the impact of the works, SRM along with Salter Demolition, implemented measures to ensure our neighbours were not disturbed by these works overnight:

  • Cutting through the steel retention using oxyacetylene torches to almost eliminate impact tools.
  • Use of acoustic enclosures to block noise and visual signs of the steel burning.
  • Loading of the skips on Grosvenor Place (in a lane closure) rather than the quieter residential streets.
  • Lining the skips to reduce the sound of steel on steel
  • Steel pieces were lowered to the ground by crane (electric) and placed on timber pallets. Then a small grab hand picked up the pieces and placed them in the skip.
  • Clips and cleats were placed in bags and lowered down.
  • We introduced an additional live noise monitor at a particularly sensitive area.
  • An independent acoustician was employed to monitor the night works. They were taking regular handheld noise monitoring readings, a site diary, liaising with the works staff and providing recommendations to the senior project staff.

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Entry submitted by Sir Robert McAlpine

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