Openspace Reality Capture System

The Openspace reality capture system allows us to easily create an immersive visual record of progress on site in real time. 360 images are captured at half second intervals and stitched together to create a streetview style walkthrough that is mapped onto a 2D plan of the area using machine learning and object recognition technology.

Captures from different days can be compared side by side, and a scan can be compared side by side with the 3D model of the project. The system is easy to use, intuitive and captures can be created as part of the current duties of our project team – on the morning walk round, for example.

Objects can be selected within a scan and the system will search the rest of the capture (and all other captures) for similar objects, allowing us to track the extent and location throughout the project. Captures are hosted in the UK and everything can be downloaded to Balfour Beatty servers upon completion for access as needed in the future.

Openspace allows us to create a record of 100% of the progress on site each week and we can use this information to:

  • Check and compare progress week by week
  • Look back for historical progress or issues on site
  • Create a before and after side by side view (eg before and after ceilings are installed)
  • Locate services behind walls, under slabs
  • Compare site installation to the 3D model to check for errors
  • Share progress with others and allow them to ‘walk the site’ remotely
  • Keep a complete week by week record of progress on BB servers upon project completion
  • Share captures or information from captures with others in support or defense of a claim
  • Share information with supply chain to resolve queries

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