Rebar Cages Onsite Prefabrication Jig

To achieve better production rates on the roof slab of the Kilo Substructure, Ferrovial Agroman developed a factory-like workstation by engaging a specialist designer to standardise the rebar detailing of over 1,200 cages, and predefined a template (jig) to form the base of the workstation. This process allows for mass, efficient fabrication.

The project team trialled an A-Frame type scaffold support. This supported the cages top bars allowing for easy installation of the links by hanging. This was susceptible to human error and presented logistical issues. The bottom reinforcement was installed by threading the 12m bar from one end, needing a 24m linear space per workstation. The lifting protocol needed the support scaffold tube slid out and called for more clear space around the jig.

These lead to an improved ‘Finger jig’ scaffold support where the cage was supported at multiple points throughout its length. The operatives could work closer to the cages, it provided better stability and, as the bottom rebar could be dropped from the top, reduced the working space required. The lifting protocol was bettered by the absence of scaffold within the completed cage. The jig was still susceptible to human error as the spacing of links was manual.

The project team removed this vulnerability by commissioning a custom fabricated jig. This provides point supports throughout the length of the cages. These slots are at the exact spacing for the links. This eliminates manual measurements and ensures that the prefabricated cages consistently achieve a high quality standard. This led to a reduced risk activity, improved quality and increased production against its predecessors.

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