Site Dust Suppression

The summer of 2018 has seen a record number of dry days and searing heat. Like most construction sites, the team from Modbury FRM identified the issue. However, with impending hosepipe bans, we engineered a new solution with the help from Wakehams of Modbury (Water Engineers).

The system comprises a series of garden sprinklers connected via a half inch garden hose teed off a three-quarter inch diameter distribution pipe. The water is supplied from a 1000 litre water storage tank and the supply pipe is pressurised by a self-priming heavy-duty centrifugal jet pump. Each sprinkler has the capacity to soak an area of up to 320m2 and are distributed at 20m spaces to maximise efficiency.

This system is employed in both areas on the project, having a series of 6 sprinklers on Area 1 and 11 sprinklers on Area 2. Water tanks are fed predominantly by rainwater by harvesting and have a connection to the main water supply as a back-up option.

The supply from the public water main is controlled by flow control valve and float system. The system has a dual function and also serves as a suitable mechanism for increasing the moisture content of the fill material in dry weather conditions. Managed correctly, dust is controlled within a matter of minutes without developing into a nuisance for neighbouring properties by covering clean cars, house windows, garden clothes lines etc. Alternative methods tend to create muddy run-offs which clog gully’s and create slippery conditions. The even distribution of water covers large areas of ground in a short space of time in a controlled way.

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Entry submitted by Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd.

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