Solar Powered Speed Signs

Two solar powered signs, size 660mm x 1030mm with reflective background, have been installed on site along the public road as part of one of the measures taken to slow the site traffic as part of the Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

As signs are solar powered, the solar panels are located on the top of the poles which are facing south to get maximum exposure to daylight. One sign is located at the entrance of the site to display speed when approaching site and the second sign is located in the opposite direction, at the proximity of PDM office, displaying speed for those leaving the site. The compliance of the speed limit is also accompanied by the installation of ramps on the public road.


  • Minimise speeding by showing actual speed for drivers, displaying a red alert when the drivers are over the limit;
  • Signs are self-sufficient and do not require much maintenance during their useful life;
  • Signs have the ability to store energy in a battery, making it readable during both day and night even if no sunlight is available;
  • Signs work with LED technology, which can ensure excellent visibility regardless of weather conditions, in addition to consuming very little energy;
  • Improvement of sustainability and good environmental practices;
  • Feedback given to all working on the site (Contractors & PDM) on the average speed and speed reduction;
  • Mobile – the sign has been erected into a concrete block that can be moved around the site.

The solar powered signs can be used on isolated systems where electricity is unavailable and signs near sensitive locations (e.g. schools), road signs, obstacles, etc. as part of TMP.

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Entry submitted by John Sisk and Son (Holdings) Ltd.

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