Sustainable Lake Solutions

One of the key features of Hartland Village is the stunning lake at its entrance.

This lake is entirely man made and needed filling upon completion. The obvious solution to this problem would be to use potable (drinking/tap) water to fill the lake. However, water use is a key area in which St Edward looks to minimise their impact, so the project team set about developing a more sustainable method.

When St Edward acquired the land at Hartland Village there were a number of buildings on site, including two large water towers which each held up to 300,000 gallons of water. The water within these tanks had been accumulated from a drainage system which was fed from buildings, rainwater pipes and road gullies on site.

When in use, water would be held in these tanks, allowing the emulsion (mixture of water types) to stabilise before being pumped into a settling tank where solids could be removed. Once checked by relevant authorities and considered to be clean, the water was safety returned to streams in and around the site.

Rather than demolish these tanks, the team made the decision to utilise them to collect and store rainwater to fill the newly created lake. Unfortunately, the tanks were located on the other side of the site. However, with some forward planning the team found a solution:

  • Temporarily installing over 750 meters of pipework
  • Overseeing over 10 hours of pumping

As a result:

  • Over 1,500 gallons of potable water was saved
  • Carbon emissions associated with a tanker/delivery focused approach were avoided
  • A biodiversity benefit was achieved, with rainwater providing better conditions for plant life in and around the lake

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