TEMPO System

In order to ensure effective engagement with the workforce to improve their health, safety and wellbeing; care and protection to the environment; and exceed their stakeholders expectations, this contractor developed a TEMPO system and embedded the motto, ‘Keep to the TEMPO’, which is utilised in their Safe Systems of Work, Daily Activity Briefings, Temporary Works Management, HSEQ inspections, Environmental & Quality Assurance Standards, and overarching Management System.

The TEMPO system promotes a consistent and familiar approach to their workforce, drives care, attention and improvements in their activities, and supports industry recognised SMSTS/SSSTS courses, as well improving soft skillsets like planning and public speaking.

TEMPO stands for:

Task – What are the operations they are carrying out, where are their risks and opportunities.
Environment – What does their environment look like, how can they ensure protection of their environment, how can they improve their environment.
Machinery – What equipment will they use, is this the best equipment.
People – Who is involved, and affected by the operations, how do they ensure they are protected.
Ok – Feedback, questions, innovation, improvement

All their managers and supervisors undergo hard and soft skill training to support with the effectiveness of implementing the TEMPO system. This skillset is crucial for positive engagement and influence with their workforce to ensure they are all keeping to the TEMPO, and driving improvements, innovation, and care for the environment and onsite and offsite communities.

It is a simple and effective process which is easy to adopt and provides structure to ensure they are operating to the highest standards.

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