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RealWear Camera Technology

Published 10 August 2021 | Written by Benjamin Westphal Reed
CategoriesInspection and assurance

During the coronavirus pandemic, travel restrictions meant that cladding samples and mock ups that were built in the Netherlands could not be viewed in person by the project team. RealWear Headsets were then utilised to allow the team to track the progress of the samples and give a visual signoffs. The Headsets were also used to give virtual site walks…

Folding Bikes for the Project Team

Published 2 August 2021 | Written by Lynne Potter
CategoriesExercise Wellbeing events

To aid in getting the project team back on site safety during the coronavirus restrictions where feasible and allowed, they bought twenty folding bikes for the team to use. This allowed for the team to travel some or all of their journey to and from work by bike and therefore avoiding public transport which was more congested and presented more…

Outdoor Heaters with Sensor Activation

Published 26 July 2021 | Written by Adam Craig
CategoriesCanteen Recreational facilities Rest

When sites in Ireland returned to work after the lockdown, there was a need to create eating and breakout areas where the site operatives could be socially distant from each other. This site created an outdoor space within the site compound to facilitate this. The site also installed heaters within the shelter to keep operatives warm during the colder months….

Coronavirus Vaccinations Information

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Rachel Hall
CategoriesConsultation on health and safety Health risk assessments and monitoring

On this project, the contractor has been collating data from their workforce to see how many operatives are vaccinated against coronavirus. From their research they calculated that they currently have 40% of workers who’ve had one dose or more, however the national average is a lot higher. They decided to meet with the Directors of their current contractors and together…

Anti Fog Safety Glasses Supplied to the Workforce

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Niall Smith

This contractor have noticed that the necessity to wear coronavirus related face masks has led to issues with compulsory safety glasses fogging up. To rectify this the contractor have provided at no cost to the workers, antifogging safety glasses allowing them to wear the correct PPE.

BOHS – Ventilation and Coronavirus Guidance

Published 21 June 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCoaching for unsafe actions Consultation on health and safety

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), a scientific charity and the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection has released a set of frequently asked questions on ventilation and coronavirus. This follows the delay of easing of lockdown measures in England which will require continued vigilance by employers and changes in the weather which affect considerations of ventilation. The guidance, in…

PVC Freezer Flaps used to Control Room Temperature

Published 2 June 2021 | Written by Bruno Tiosso
CategoriesCleaning and maintenance regime Decontamination regime

This contractor has introduced the use of PVC freezer flaps to control room temperature. To enable them to complete the flooring, rooms have to be at certain temperature, so instead of using 110V heaters, they are using PVC freezer flaps. Once works are completed, the freezer flaps can be relocated and reused on different areas, allowing them to use less…

Avoid Contact at High Contact Touch Points in the Site Office

Published 2 June 2021 | Written by Angela Meseg
CategoriesCanteen Cleaning and maintenance regime

This project is using ‘Emu Hands’ to help avoid contact at those high contact touch points in the site office. The ‘Emu Hands’ are used to open doors and cupboards, handle the kettle, open the fridge, use the microwave, turn taps on/off and use photocopier. These are cleaned overnight by hand washing or in a dishwasher and are given to…

Communication Policy Revised During Coronavirus

Published 24 May 2021 | Written by Sheila Tolmie
CategoriesCompany and out of hours contact information provided Pre-start information Regular updates of progress

A communication policy was already in place prior to the pandemic with the objective being to regularly communicate with key stakeholders on project progress, informing the local community of any potential disruption in a timely manner to minimise inconvenience. The contractor put stakeholder needs at the very heart of the way they develop and enhance their liaison services. Feedback is…

Construction Careers Education from Home

Published 5 May 2021 | Written by Laura Hampson
CategoriesCommunity engagement Promoting construction as a career choice Schools and nurseries

The project team created an activity book for early years primary school children. The book included colouring, learning and reading activities pitched at ages 4-6 years old. The purpose was to help children learn and provide parents with an easy activity whilst children are off school during the pandemic. The book can be used for other purposes such as giveaways…

Recycled Old School Cubicles

Published 20 April 2021 | Written by Sally Kinchin
CategoriesSuitable/accessible separate facilities

Changing cubicles donated from an old school which had become redundant due to the school being demolished are being used as changing areas in the welfare area for the site operatives. Due to Site Operating Procedures and the two metre social distancing rule it allows two operatives in the changing area at one time. These cubicles allow five operatives to…

Plasloc System

Published 20 April 2021 | Written by Sally Kinchin
CategoriesSuitable/accessible separate facilities

To remain compliant with Site Operating Procedures, this project has used the Plasloc system due to its flexibility to construct around existing set ups and waste reduction capabilities. At a time where there is a focus on maintaining a clean and sterile environment, Plasloc PVC-U allows for easy clean and upkeep of welfare and office environments. The standard internal site…

Last Planner and Pull Planning

Published 7 April 2021 | Written by Gavin Thomas
CategoriesConsultation on health and safety Controls and expected behaviours

The contractor has employed last planner and pull planning techniques to ensure coronavirus compliance can be achieved. With their subcontractor partners they concentrate on certain aspects of the contract programme and use last planner and pull planning techniques to ensure traffic, pedestrian and workforce movements around site ensure coronavirus compliance whilst allowing the team to adapt their focuses and programmes…

3D Mask Inserts

Published 29 March 2021 | Written by Aimee Nicol

There were issues brought up at the contractors health and safety meeting around some operatives not wearing face masks because they find wearing masks uncomfortable. The site team created a solution to this which is a 3D insert that helps breathing for those with health condition such as Ashtma. The inserts also help for those with hearing issues as people…

Coronavirus Compliance Officer

Published 22 March 2021 | Written by Nicola Rodgers
CategoriesInspection and assurance Training plans

On all of this contractors sites they now have a Coronavirus Compliance Officer monitoring the day to day site activities and to ensure social distancing and all protocols are being maintained at all times. The Coronavirus Compliance Officer for each site are clearly identifiable onsite with a distinguishable high viz green vest, with Coronavirus Compliance Officer identifiable on the back….