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Quickdeck Hanging Platform

Published 5 May 2022 | Written by Tatiana Meakin
CategoriesCarbon reduction Controls Falling objects Health risk assessments and monitoring

In order to allow works to the theatre roof alongside works to the auditorium below, it was proposed to install a hanging platform to provide a safe working platform for the works, whilst protecting operatives below from falling objects. A traditional tube and fitting platform is made up of long span beams tied together with traditional tube and fitting components….

Reuse of Plastic Drums

Published 28 April 2022 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesRainwater harvesting Water saving measures

This project is reusing plastic drums, painting them in corporate colours and dividing them internally. The top part of each drum is planted with flowers and has a permeable divider that allows excessive rain water to filter into the lower half. The water in the lower half is syphoned off by a tap and the water is then reused to water…

Filtra Cycle

Published 24 January 2022 | Written by Eoghan Cremin
CategoriesPlacement of waste

Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly discarded pieces of waste worldwide with 4 trillion butts ending up as waste annually. Usually all of this waste ends up in landfill with some also finding its way into our waterways/reservoirs and eventually into the ocean where each one can release enough nicotine & microplastic to pollute up to 1000L of…

Eco Hybrid Lithium Welfare Cabin

Published 13 January 2022 | Written by Beth Miles
CategoriesConserve of energy

On this project they received the new Eco Hybrid Lithium welfare cabin with increased lithium battery capacity. These mobile eco welfare units use smart Lithium Hybrid technology for silent green running, as well as a smart water system. The next generation units will also use rainwater harvesting to bolster the smart water system and telemetry to fully enable usage and diagnostics…

Mass Barrier Movement

Published 13 January 2022 | Written by Beth Miles
CategoriesCarbon reduction

On this project, operatives on site came up with a solution to moving mass barriers. The attachment is a 3m timber post that’s been modified to assist with moving of the mass barrier. It has two timber chocks firmly secured on either end to prevent any sliding and there is also a rotating wheel at the one end to make…

Combatting Period Poverty

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by Debbie Plavinskas
CategoriesSanitary bins

This contractor believe all women should have access to sanitary products during their period however, there are many women who are experiencing period poverty and are unable to access or afford them. These women have no choice but to use rags, socks, or even newspaper to manage their menstruation, making them vulnerable to disease. This project team decided to make…

Angled Material Trolley Accessory

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by James Rawlings
CategoriesMaterials management

In the early stages of this project it was identified that the method for transporting 3 metre lengths of mechanical and electrical materials such as pipework, trunking, cable tray, Unistrut, cable basket etc. from the basement loading bay to the fit-out floors was a challenging task. This was because the designated goods lift is under 3 metres long. Therefore the…

P-DfMA (Platform for Design, Manufacture and Assembly)

Published 20 December 2021 | Written by Bruce Nixon

This project is the world’s first large scale office building designed and constructed using the ‘kit of parts’ solution built on a P-DfMA structural frame. The platform system, known as P-DfMA (Platform for Design, Manufacture and Assembly), consists of a set of components that can be efficiently combined to produce highly customised structures. The system is based on repeatable processes…

Cement Free Concrete Piling Platforms

Published 24 November 2021 | Written by Harry James
CategoriesCarbon reduction

When installing piles, a piling mat needs to be created, which is a temporary working platform designed to provide a reliable and stable surface on which piling rigs and other ground treatment machinery can operate. The traditional method of installing a pile mat is to use a 1m layer of compacted granular material. However, when piling rigs travel along this…

ShockWatch Labels

Published 9 November 2021 | Written by Bruno Tiosso
CategoriesConserve of resources Inspection Materials management

This contractor has implemented the use of ShockWatch Labels to ensure all stones are handled carefully during delivery process. The use of ShockWatch Labels has reduced the quantity of returned pallets, reducing CO2 emission and minimising construction waste. ShockWatch impact labels are tamperproof, mechanically activated, impact detection devices that turn bright red to indicate mishandling. When used in conjunction with…

Gripps Bolt Vault

Published 25 October 2021 | Written by Bruno Tiosso
CategoriesFalling objects

This project consists of six buildings – ranging between 13 and 19 storeys tall – surrounded by extensive public realm works in Central London. One of the challenges was to manage works at perimeter edge, as part of control measures they have implemented the use of Gripps Bolt Vault. This creates an instant drop control environment around the wearer’s hand….

Elf on the Shelf To Assist Reporting Hazards

Published 31 August 2021 | Written by Danica Chambers
CategoriesNear miss

This contractor have purchased an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas time and have decided to have the elf in a different hazardous situation every day. Site staff can then use their digital site reporting tool to report what the hazard is. The first person to correctly identify the hazard will get a point. A First, Second and Third place…

Plantable Seed Paper for Handouts

Published 5 July 2021 | Written by Danica Chambers
CategoriesIdentification of flora, fauna and natural resources Landscaping

Whilst considering what could be included in their site handout leaflet this contractor realised that a lot of paper would be used that would damage the environment if it was not recycled. To combat this issue they have invested in plantable seed paper. All of their leaflets have been and will be printed on this paper with “plant me” logos…

Zero Trim Piling

Published 29 June 2021 | Written by Patrick Kelly

A new zero trim pile technique, utilising a vacuum excavator, has been successfully tested on HS2 by this contractor. The initiative, developed by specialist contractors working on HS2, is better for the environment, safer for workers and reduces construction noise, to the benefit of neighbouring communities and businesses. The technique involves sucking out excess concrete whilst still wet using a…