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Personal Safety Conversation Cards

Published 26 April 2021 | Written by Leanna Martin
CategoriesBullying Harassment Inappropriate language Inclusion Management attitudes Posters

After the tragic murder of Sarah Everard, recent campaigns, vigils, media spotlights, and focus on harassment and violence; this contractor have created a number of new safety conversation starter cards. These have been used as an aid to help open up conversations with the teams regarding personal safety, women’s safety and diversity. By having the conversations, it has made operatives…

Respect the Community – Zero Tolerance Poster

Published 17 March 2021 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCanteen Operative conduct and behaviour Privacy Sensitivity to neighbours

Contractors should be ensuring that fairness, inclusion and respect standards are upheld to the highest level on sites, whilst also operating zero-tolerance policies on any behaviour that falls outside of what should be expected of an individual representing the construction industry. Attitudes towards these standards have improved in this area, however it is clear that it is still as important…

Flash Academy App

Published 14 December 2020 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesInclusion Language Differences Literacy training

The site project manager has developed a mobile phone app called ‘Flash Academy’. This app has lessons and quizzes on simple construction words for those foreign language speaking operatives who will benefit from some key english in the site environment. To find out more, click the link below.

Monthly Focus on Key Industry Issues

Published 25 July 2018 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesBullying Harassment Inappropriate language Toolbox Talk

All those working on site should feel welcome and not be subject to foul, offensive or inappropriate language. See the examples below for how one site addressed the issue of language: The site has introduced a ‘Monthly Spotlight’ on important issues. The current focus is on foul, offensive or inappropriate language on site and the effect this can have on…

Spotlight on… campaign flyers

Published 22 June 2016 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesAlcohol testing Apprenticeships Campaigns Communication Cycle safety Diversity Guidance Health screening Healthy lifestyle advice Illegal workers Inappropriate language Medications Mental health Modern slavery Occupational health risks Plastics and packaging Posters Scheme posters/banners Signage

The ‘Spotlight on…’ flyers have been designed for general display in and around site welfare facilities. The Scheme provides a collection of A5 flyers from both past and current ‘Spotlight on…’ awareness campaigns. Each unique flyer contains information on the industry issue and advice on how to tackle it. This resource has proven valuable for display on site and raising awareness amongst…

Mental Health First Aid

Published 12 November 2014 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCounselling services Medical conditions Mental health Mental health first aiders Stress

Mental health issues and concerns are just as important as physical health problems. It is vitally important that the workforce have sufficient support and advice should they need it. Examples of how sites have dealt with potential mental health issues amongst their operatives include: Twenty first aiders were further trained as mental health counsellors, able to support everything from everyday worries to…

Hearing Impaired Visitors and Community Members

Published 28 October 2014 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesCommunity liaison Local and special needs Visual/hearing impaired

It is important to consider all specialised and localised needs for the community in which you are working. This will demonstrate that you are a considerate constructor and give a good first impression. In order to take into account the special needs of the hearing-impaired community, depending, of course, on the severity of their impairment, the following initiatives have been implemented:…

Awareness of Stress, Depression and Bullying

Published 28 October 2014 | Written by CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator
CategoriesBullying Charities/organisations Harassment Inappropriate language Mental health Stress

Equality and diversity policies should include references to discrimination, harassment and bullying. Awareness of these issues should also be raised during site induction, toolbox talks and posters displayed in offices, canteen or rest areas. Training and toolbox talks are effective in helping people understand how using inappropriate and offensive language can impact others and cause distress. To tackle these issues,…